Native Monster review

Richard Herring shows Wolverhampton he's still got it

Richard Herring played to a packed out Slade Rooms on Saturday night and showed that even after 25 years in comedy – he's still got it.

Sure, these days he might spend a little too long focussing on things that don't need to be talked about, but hey, it's his career and he's earned that. But overall – he's a total pro.

His latest show, and it is a show, “We're All Going To Die!” is a sideways look at death. People say you shouldn't laugh at death but in this case, it's hard not to.

Once again, Herring uses his intelligent wit and razor sharp mind to make you laugh and agree with his preposterous ideas at the same time.

After starting off slowly, Herring really got into gear towards the end of the first half and the last 10 minutes were pure comedy brilliance and had people screaming with laughter and wiping away the tears.

Subjects that seem too serious to joke about are turned into shocking ideologies and brilliant jokes at the drop of a hat.

And as ever, there is a certain amount of education and explanation involved. The need for death, evolution, and Neadethals are all turned into belly-aching comedy.

The second half starts with Herring trying to flog DVDs and books which almost leaves a sour taste in the mouth but he is soon back into his stride, testing out new material, before getting back into the good stuff.

One of his most famous sketches involves reading out the Bible. It doesn't sound funny but it works and it's a trick that he manages again tonight. This time it is Hamlet that gets the Herring treatment, and at times you don't know whether to laugh or just be downright impressed.

Herring didn't shuffle off this mortal coil at the end of the show, but he did shuffle off-stage to rapturous applause.

Jon Pritchard