Evening News reviews WAGTD

One Herring you won’t want to throw back
Returning for his 14th solo show (and the tenth in a row) is Richard Herring (Pleasance Courtyard, 8pm, until August 25, HHHH). He’s well-known for pushing boundaries and tackling taboo subjects and this year is no different. We’re All Going To Die challenges misconceptions, myths and societal norms surrounding death and it’s puerile, potentially offensive and utterly hilarious. Herring is the master of pedantry, continually over-scrutinising topics to the Nth degree for comic effect, like the song about an old woman who swallowed a fly or elaborately far-fetched puns about his own death. It has a tendency to veer off
at tangents, and his analysis of Hamlet’s ‘To Be...’ speech drags, but nonetheless this is a cracking hour of intelligent, thought-provoking satire. With knob jokes.