Gigglesbeat previews Meaning of Life

Richard HerringÂ’s Meaning of Life: online stand-up series in the pipeline
June 14, 2013 by Andrew Dipper in

Having side-stepped the restrictions of broadcasters and commissioners in his award-winning podcasts, Richard Herring is to release his own filmed stand-up series.

Richard HerringÂ’s Meaning Of Life will consist of six, half-hour episodes about the universeÂ’s big questions: Is there a God? What happens to us when we die? What is love, anyway? Why are we here? Is there really good and evil?

They will be filmed monthly at the Leicester Square Theatre in London, and released through DVD distributor Go Faster Stripe.

Speaking to Giggle Beats about his latest internet project, Herring said that he hopes the Meaning of Life “will be edited and made as close to TV standard as we can manage.”

Episodes may also feature a short interview with an expert in each field, he confirmed.

However, like the latest series of his Sony-nominated Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, Herring stressed that he was banking on fans to fund the series through online subscription.

“It will involve a lot of work from me so I can’t really afford to give it out for free,” he said.

“It’s hard to convince people to pay for downloads, but my audience, like my guests, know my motivation is to make good stuff rather than make money.”

Herring’s move into DIY video production marks an exciting new direction for comedy. With digital media, comedians are given the autonomy to produce whatever they wish – without interference.

In an article for the Daily Telegraph this week Herring suggested the world was “approaching a revolution in entertainment similar to the one a century ago that led to the explosion in film-making.

“We are our own media moguls, and as such are denting the power and influence of those who have traditionally held the reins,” he wrote.

Since 2008, Herring has released six comedy podcasts, including the Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, his Edinburgh Fringe Podcast and Me1 vs Me2, a series in which Herring recreates his lonely childhood by playing himself at snooker.