Exeter Express and Echo reviews WILA

Personal story is a treat for all
Thursday, February 23, 2012

Exeter Express and Echo

AFTER tackling potentially controversial topics on his two most recent tours, comedian Richard Herring has returned to a perhaps more universal theme for his latest live show: love.

Detailing the history of his love life from the story of his own first childhood romance as a 10-year-old (a period that chiefly involved holding hands and walking round the edge of the playground) to his adult experiences, namely a short-lived relationship with Absolutely Fabulous actress Julia Sawalha, the evening was a treat for all concerned.

That said, anyone who has ever seen Richard Herring performing before would not expect this to be a wholly romantic affair and indeed, it wasn't. Despite this, as the second half progressed and Richard related more about his family life and particularly his own success finding love as a 40-something, the night grew increasingly poignant, although thankfully Richard never forgot to be very funny throughout. With Richard's ex-comedy partner Stewart Lee appearing at the Northcott in June, this promises to be a bumper year of comedy for the theatre.