Phonic FM Exeter review

Richard Herring, Exeter Northcott, Sunday 12th February, 8pm

By Jenna Richards

Love is often the inspiration for poetry but less so the muse of comics. Despite this Richard Herring’s humorous disquisition on the emotion had the Exeter Northcott audience eagerly anticipating his next comic anecdote.

In the show, What Is Love Anyway, Richard attempted to help us realise why we fell in love and begged the question: What is love?

Richard hilariously pondered the note left by his dry cleaners saying they love their customers, and wondered if perhaps love is that bond you have with those incapable of loving back.

He examined the love of our ‘sextrament’, or children to you and I. Looked at romance, destiny, fate and the idea of soulmates, his observational comedy wringing the maximum comic effect from every set piece.

Richard took a sideways glance at our expatiations and turned them upside down, using personal anecdotes and experiences to enliven and entertain.

His unconventional approach took us on a journey through a myriad of different types and applications of love. It was almost an essay on love rather than a stand up routine, but the show was all the more funny for this different, inventive approach.

It wasn’t political or satirical as you see which so many of today’s comics. Instead it was unconventional and unlike any other stand-up show you are likely to see this year – a true comedy gem.

I could say I loved this show – but I don’t think Richard would approve!