This is Devon reviews Christ on a Bike

Herring hooks us all into his show

NOBODY could accuse comic Richard Herring of seeking to avoid controversy.

His current tour Christ On A Bike: The Second Coming is, as its name suggests, provocative. But it's not that original, being an updated version of a live show Richard first performed ten years ago. Dedicating the entire routine to an examination of his sceptical thoughts about Jesus, the Bible and Christianity might seem like a risky business. Even if such subject matter is less risque on the stand-up circuit than it was the first time (and I'm not sure that it is), with so many other comedians attacking religion on the live circuit, Richard Herring's contribution now could risk looking run of the mill.

Fortunately, the show manages to be not only better researched than most comedy routines on religion but remains (for the most part) accessible to all and generally very funny.

On this evidence, Richard Herring remains among the strongest stand-up comics on the circuit and his appearance consolidates the Phoenix's credentials as a strong venue for comedy in Exeter.