Guardian review of Fist of Fun DVD

This week's new comedy
James Kettle
The Guardian, Saturday 3 December 2011

Fist Of Fun, DVD

Here's one of the most gratifying releases of the year for hardcore comedy fans. Stewart Lee and Richard Herring's brilliant 1995 series never got the recognition it should have, and languished in a corner of the BBC Archives for 15 years. Now, thanks to independent label Go Faster Stripe, there's finally a chance to catch up with this venerable slice of 1990s sketch comedy. The chemistry between the two performers – now both hugely respected solo stand-ups – is one of the highlights of the show, with Lee and Herring balancing arch, intellectual cool and knowing schoolboy humour. The duo are bolstered by turns from Peter Baynham (now writing films for Sacha Baron Cohen and Russell Brand) and the always great Kevin Eldon (since seen in everything from Brass Eye to Big Train). This lavish package includes a huge amount of bonus material – including a live DVD and hours of deleted scenes – and it's no less than this still underrated show deserves.

Available at, £25