Radio Times previews series 2 of Objective

Review by:
Jane Anderson

Comedian and writer Richard Herring is no stranger to controversy himself and thus makes the perfect host for a series that tries to turn popular opinion about unpopular objects or people upon its head. “I’m going to turn the taboo into the to-do,” he quips in his introduction before informing us that the item he is considering as having been on the end of an unfair press is the golliwog.

In a vox pop among Londoners — black as well as white — the overwhelming response to the golly is that it was a harmless toy, a symbol of its time that would not have a place today but was never an embodiment of racial hatred. Herring very cleverly introduces some marvellous examples of why this is not the case, the most appalling being a short story by Enid Blyton in which her choice of names for three gollies is too offensive to print. There’s no preaching, just intelligent and extremely funny assessment, ably assisted by black comedienne Ava Vidal who pulls no punches in her views on this sorry doll. It’s time to consign the golly to a museum.
About this programme

1/4. New series. The comedian is joined by Emma Kennedy and Ava Vidal to discuss the golliwog, and whether it should be reclaimed from its unfortunate associations, or be consigned to the dustbin of history.
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Richard Herring
Emma Kennedy
Ava Vidal


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