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Review: Richard Herring – Christ on a Bike: The Second Coming

Posted on16 August 2010.
Review: Richard Herring – Christ on a Bike: The Second Coming


Having grown increasingly hirsute since last year’s Fringe, Richard Herring has moved seamlessly from Hitler to Jesus.

The Bible is a bit of an easy target when you start to pick it apart, it isn’t hard to find flaws, naturally Herring addresses this in his summation but he has clearly had some fun pedantically examining sections of the text and ripping it apart.

Herring works his hammering style of showmanship in devouring particular biblical passages; at one point showboating over a section of the show that took three days to learn.

There are some of the usual Richard Herring ingredients, arguments with himself (well he argues with Jesus but that’s pretty much… anyway), challenging and twisting of circumstance and situation, turning viewpoints upside down, occasional ranting episodes, and a smattering of mischievous crudity.

It’s a great show with Herring on good form, toying with the audience in typical style. It’s even a show that Christians can enjoy, as long as they don’t take their faith too seriously.

by Ian Phillips