Staffordshire Newsletter review of The Best

REVIEW: Richard Herring – The Best, Stafford Gatehouse Theatre, Saturday, April 1

By Kerry.Ashdown  |  Posted: April 04, 2017

Naming your latest show The Best is a bombastic move – and the bravado is stoked up even further when veteran stand-up comic Richard Herring strides onto the stage to the strains of Joe Eposito's You're The Best, made famous by 80s blockbuster You're the Best.

So far, so macho. But the image is immediately burst– or gently let down – like a balloon when Herring announces the show is "the least worst stuff" from his 12 one man shows. Further coolness dissipates as he admits he's not sure if his attire – a stripy top with mismatched lines down one side – is considered stylish or not.

He can be forgiven. A lot has change in the past decade and a half for Herring. He has gone from a 30-something living the single life to being a married dad, approaching his half century later this year.

But if that makes you fear the worst – a middle aged mellowing – fear not! This latest show, a greatest hits compilation if you will, has lost none of its edge, naughtiness or – most importantly humour.

Bodily functions sit side by side with sky potatoes. And a very detailed and practical breakdown of the future perils of spontaneous romantic gestures – in this case buying a Ferrero Rocher for a special someone and vowing to buy two the following year, four the year after and so on – goes from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Mixing together the highlights of 12 separate shows may interrupt flow at times – even Herring admits there is the odd awkward gear grind. But for the Herring newbie it's a great introduction to his work - and for the more experienced show-goer there are ample opportunities to get re-aquainted with gems of old.