Cultured Vulture Fringe Highlights 2017

Richard Herring: Oh Frig, I'm 50
Richard Herring has returned to the Edinburgh Fringe this year, after taking a couple of years off. Previously he'd performed at Fringe for a decade from 2004 onwards, his last fringe show was Lord of the Dance Settee in 2014. Back in 2007 he performed Oh Fuck, I'm 40, and liked the idea of doing a show every 10 years in which he'd reassess his life at that point. Ten years later, we have a sequel.

Herring is more popular than ever, thanks to the Metro Newspaper Column and one of the best podcasts available today, Richard Herring's Leicester Square Theatre Podcast. Herring himself can be quite a polarizing figure however, as his stand up can be abrasive and uncompromising – you either like him or hate him. He has gained a own cult following over the last decade and it's easy to see why.

Richard Herring is one of the best stand up writers on the circuit today, and Oh Frig, I'm 50 is proof of that. During the past ten years he's grown somewhat as a person, and Herring will be the first to admit that. Having followed him since the mid-2000's, and being aware of him from the late 90's onwards, Oh Frig, I'm 50 is one of the best put together shows on the Fringe this year. One bad point is that much of his act is based upon things that have happened in his personal life, of which he speaks about frequently on social media, meaning that Herring fans will know the punchline before the end. Then again, his delivery is worth hearing it all over again.