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Richard Herring - Golden April Showers to you all

Happy Spring time to you. Don't forget to put your clocks forward tonight. Unless you're reading this after the clocks have already gone forward. Don't keep putting them forward. If you go too far you'll be dead and won't be able to put them back again.
Am having a lovely, if slightly exhausting time being a new and old dad. Phoebe is full of smiles, but also urine. She is now nearly 7 weeks old, but has already started her showbiz career, appearing on stage with me at the end of my gig in Norwich when she was just 40 days old. It's the best thing. Find someone to have sex with and have a baby with them. There is no way you will regret it.

Anyway apart from trying to condemn the world to over population, here's what's going on in April


The tour continues, with new dates being added all the time. I had an awful lot of fun with the gigs in March, many of which sold out, so do book ahead if I am coming to your town. New dates include Sligo, Ullverston, Hebden Bridge and Clevedon. You can see all the remaining dates at
Here's the April gigs
Tue 31st March 2015 St David's Hall, Cardiff 029 2087 8444 FEW TICKETS LEFT
Thu 2nd April 2015 Bath Komedia 0845 293 8480
Thu 9th April 2015 Andover Lights 01264 368368
Fri 10th April 2015 New Greenham Arts 0845 5218 218
Sat 11th April 2015 Spike Sligo (50 min version of show)
Mon 13th April 2015 The Horn, St Albans SOLD OUT
Thu 16th April 2015 Ashcroft Arts, Fareham 01329 223100
Fri 17th April 2015 Worthing Theatres 01903 206206
Sat 18th April 2015 Forest Arts 01425 612393
Sun 19th April 2015 Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms 023 9286 3911
Thu 23rd April 2015 Harlow Playhouse 01279 431945
Fri 24th April 2015 Bristol Lantern, Colston Hall 0844 887 1500 SOLD OUT
Sat 25th April 2015 Monmouth Savoy 01600 772467
Sat 2nd May 2015 The Theatre Orchard, Clevedon 07757 711783

And don't forget that I am recording the DVD of the show at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London on 15th May. That's always a fun occasion and it will be more fun if it's rammed with people. So come along if you can to see the full show, with complete surprise ending (that I can't do in full on tour) and maybe even a one-off new bit that has never been seen before:
Book here -

I am attempting to put together a more or less weekly podcast from behind the scenes on the tour, giving you backstage access, clips of stuff that went wrong or right on the night and extra bits of material that there wasn't time to include in the show. I think it's a nice little snapshot of what life on the road for a middling stand up comedian is like. It's not all funny, but hopefully the not funny bits are interesting. It's free and at the British Comedy Guide -
Or subscribe on iTunes -

Finally the mammoth journey to complete my own six part filmed internet stand-up and sketch show is finished. Episode 6 (and the other five episodes) are all available to view for free on my Youtube channel. It's about the shape of things to come and has a great interview with Aleks Krotoski -
You can also listen to all the 45 minute versions at the British Comedy Guide -
Or iTunes -

Or if you want another 45 minutes of chat and jokes per episode then pay just £15 for all the long versions of the shows on video and audio (9 hours of material) or just £6 on audio only (shows include the full interviews with the experts) at
Your money will help us make even more internet content and we've learned some valuable lessons for the proposed, but as yet unaffordable monthly filmed version of AIOTM. You can also make a one-off or monthly contribution at if you just want to bung us a quid or two.
Please tell your friends about the series. It was really aimed at getting new people interested in my stuff. We haven't done the sums yet, but I think it's pretty close to having broken even and the shows get more assured and fun as it goes along, so it's a qualified success.

King of Edinburgh Fringe
I am taking a year off from Edinburgh (though will be coming up with my wife when she does the book festival so might sneak in a gig or two or a frame of self-playing snooker). Instead I am staying at home and doing all 11 of my existing one man shows, plus a brand new one, provisionally called "Happy Now?" at the Leicester Square Theatre over six weekends in August and September. So come and catch one of the shows you missed or an old favourite. If you come to them all you get a badly hand-drawn T shirt of one of the posters, badly drawn by my tiny hands. Tickets become cheaper if you book for 3, 6 or all 12 shows. These are already selling well (especially the final show), so do book ahead.

We are putting up all the old (previously pay to view) video RHLSTPs up for free on my Youtube channel - and also on iTunes

We're back in June and July with more shows - Won't be booking the guests for a while but there are some good ones in the pipeline - (it's worth taking a punt and booking now, some of these will sell out straight away when names are announced)

More of you are subscribing to our "pound or more a month" scheme to make more internet comedy. I am very hopeful that we can start putting together a video version of AIOTM by the end of the year or maybe early next year (though it might be a toss up between this and doing the videos of RHLSTP again). If you pay a pound or more a month you get access to a secret channel of cool extras including more stuff from RHLSTP and RHMOL and other cool bits and pieces and you get entry into a monthly draw where you can win prizes like one-off hand-drawn T-shirts and signed snooker balls and more. You will also get advanced notice of any exciting RHLSTP guests.

I am continuing to put up bits of Lee and Herring memorabilia, old scripts, T-shirts, bits of Histor and Pliny and signed snooker balls on my ebay page each week. The money from these will go towards internet projects. Check it out here -

You can buy most of my DVDs and books at They are currently having a sale which includes some of my stuff (as well as loads from other great comics). And the luxury sets of Fist of Fun are in there too at ten pounds off per series. Take advantage of Chris Evans (not that one)'s temporary insanity at

Me1 Vs Me 2 Snooker still carries on when I can find a spare moment from caring from my child (Phoebe is in the latest one)
And I am managing to keep mainly up to date with Warming Up in spite of having punched my producer Terry
You can get both of these on iTunes if you prefer

I was under the impression that I wasn't doing very much due to the baby, but this newsletter has made me think again. Hope to see you on the tour, and thanks if you've been to see the show already. It's a massive relief to be selling tickets with so many comedians on the road at the moment.
Have a good Easter. And have a baby as soon as possible. Stop reading this and go and make one. And then teach them to like my comedy. And so shall I rule the comedy world of 2035 (from beyond the grave)
Richard Keith Herring
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