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(Richard Herring February News)

Hi all
Still no patter of tiny feet, or splatter of filling nappies, but baby Herring is due next week, so I thought I'd get the newsletter in early.
You can help me to keep my tiny infant fed and shod by spending money on the following (or try to kill my child by only taking the free stuff)

We're All Going To Die download
Go Faster Stripe have just released my 2013 show "We're All Going To Die!" as a futuristic download and it's only a fiver. You get the complete show and a couple of the extras.
You can still buy the DVD at the same place if you want all the extras and something physical to hold in your hand.

Lord of the Dance Settee tour
New shows are being added to the tour, which starts up again on the 20th Feb, including Wrexham, Clevedon and Southend
You can see all the gigs here -
Here are this month's gigs
Fri 20th February Colchester Arts 01206 500900
Sat 21st February Aylesbury Waterside 0844 8717 607
Sun 22nd February Exeter Northcott 01392 493493
Mon 23rd February King's Theatre, Cheddar Box Office 01934 744939 ext. 2
Thu 26th February Nottingham Glee 0871 472 0400
Fri 27th February Wolverhampton Civic 0870 320 7000
Sat 28th February Salford Lowry 0843 208 6000
Sun 1st March Chorley Little Theatre 01257 264 362

King of Edinburgh Fringe
Tickets are selling well for the ridiculous run of 12 different shows in 6 weeks at the Leicester Square Theatre in August and September with around about 20 people having bought tickets to the full Herring's dozen (which like an ordinary dozen is 12)
I am going to be making a lot more handmade T shirts than I antipated (as well as getting cheaper tickets you get a badly hand-drawn T shirt if you buy all your 12 tickets together - these will be available to collect at the theatre in the summer)
The as yet unannounced new show is selling the best, but I have a feeling that all these shows might sell out, so it's worth booking ahead.
The deets are here - (oh yeah, I know all the cool lingo).

I Paid a Pound
The badge based monthly payment system is starting to take off and I am hopeful that we'll start making some fresh content this year, on top of more RHLSTPs in the summer. You get access to an exclusive channel of extras, like backstage interviews at RHLSTP and a forthcoming shonky partial recording of my 1996 play Punk's Not Dead, plus entry to a monthly draw - I am making one of my highly sought after hand-made T shirts this month and there might be some other stuff in there too, and you get first news of special offers and RHLSTP guests. Mainly though a tiny payment from you can help us to make more great internet based content. Jump aboard this crazy bus. You get a badge as well -

I've been adding loads of cool Lee and/or Herring stuff to my ebay pages. The proceeds of this will go to funding internet stuff and future DVD releases. I've just put up some original scripts (including some never recorded material - I'd say the filming script of Fist of Fun has more value than the studio one though current bidders disagree), a prop copy of the Ironic Review from TMWRNJ, a programme from the TMWRNJ tour (again packed with stuff), an original "I Like Fist of Fun" badge and more. Check it out here -

Series 6 podcasts are still going out - the Ben Goldacre one will be up on Wednesday on video on youtube and iTunes. And on audio on the British Comedy Guide and iTunes.
And there's a seventh series coming out in June/July. Tickets are already available here -
No news on guests as yet, but if you want to be near the front it's worth booking now.

Episode 5 of RH Meaning of Life is now out. I think it's the best one yet. You can give it a go for free either on video on youtube - or vimeo
Or on audio at the British Comedy Guide - or iTunes
Here's a funny outtake -

Buy the full length episodes here either individually or get the series pass - There's loads more stand up and the full interviews in these.

ME1 Vs ME2 Snooker
Is going to some troubling places, but still shows no signs of stopping -

Right off to prepare for the beautiful steamroller that is about to run over my life. It's been nice knowing you. See you in 18-30 years
Richard Keith Herring
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