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January extra - King ot Ediburgh Fringe

Hi all
Just wanted to let you know about a couple of extra things

I am eschewing the Edinburgh Fringe this year so I don't have to rent a ridiculously expensive and rubbish flat in Scotland. Instead I am going to pay myself £3000 to live in my own house and come out £6000 up as a result (I think). And I've decided to have my own King of Edinburgh Fringe instead.
Tickets are now on sale for my ludicrous and ambitious plan to perform all 12 of my solo stand up shows (including a brand new one) at the Leicester Square Theatre on Fridays and Saturdays in August and September. It's £15 to see one show, but the price reduces to £12 a ticket if you book for 3 or more shows, £10 a ticket if you book 6 or more shows and only £8.33 a ticket if you book for all 12 (you must book at the same time and discount applied at the end of the process). Also anyone buying tickets to all 12 shows (at the same time) will receive a T shirt with the poster of one of the shows hand-drawn (badly) by me on it.
It's probably worth booking ahead for these as I am only doing one performance of each show and this will likely be your very last (and possibly first) chance to see these shows live. Book here -

I've also started auctioning some rare bits of Richard Herring and Lee and Herring memorabilia on ebay to raise money for future internet projects (or for Scope). The Slytherin notebook from RHLSTP went for a four figure sum, but some of the other items are a little bit more affordable. New bits will be going up all the time. I am herring1967 on there and you can see all my items on this page -

If you can't afford to spend that much then I give away items like these as part of my monthly draw for monthly badge subscribers, so donate a pound or more a month here to be in with a chance of owning these semi-valuable bits of tat -

The tour starts up again next Monday in Northampton - there's then a bit of a lay off to allow us to have a human baby and I am back on the road at the end of February. New gigs are still being added to the tour, Wrexham and Sutton Coldfield should be up there soon. And there are a couple of new ones. Check for details.

I am interviewing Peter Lord of Aardman animation on Saturday at 2pm at the Watershed in Bristol - get your tickets here

A human baby will be arriving at some point between now and the middle of February. All is going fine so far. And then just in 18 short years I will get my life back. We've very excited and terrified as evidenced here - (I imagine there might be a few more Metro articles about this)

Je Suis Charley Boorman
Richard Herring
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