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Richard Herring. It's 2015

Happy New Year everyone
It's a brand new year and maybe this time the human race can go a whole 365 days without anyone being a dick. Fingers crossed.
My attempt to reach 72kg by January 1st 2015 did not come off (though I never dreamed it would) though I got surprisingly close, hitting 79.4kg in August. I began 2014 at 95.4kg and began 2015 at 93.8kg. The 72kg now becomes a 2 year (and I suspect life-long) mission. But I am still very happy to be almost 12kgs lighter than a year ago (about 25lbs). If I ever get round to it I might write a book about how I did it, but if I don't, it's just eat less, exercise more (and make sure your aggregate calories come in at the right number).

I am already looking forward to 2015. The big news is that I have a pretty tricky jigsaw to complete. Oh, and we're having a baby in February. But anyone can have a baby. Can anyone do a jigsaw? No.

One tour gig in January at the Northampton Derngate on the 19th
Then there's a little baby hiatus before things kick off again in late February. Loads more dates to come. Book ahead -

The end of year monthly draw haul of prizes was won by Robert Knight. But there's a prize draw every month and loads more cool stuff to come, which you can treasure and keep or stick on ebay and make a tidy profit. Plus monthly subscribers get a badge and access to an exclusive channel of extra questions from RHLSTP and other interesting bits and pieces. It's ticking along quite nicely, but we need about four times as many people to be able to start thinking about doing anything substantial (like the videoed series of AIOTM). Join the least cool club of nerds in the world at

The play I wrote for Edinburgh 2014 is not going to be put on again (in the short term at least), but you can now read the script here - It cost me £35,000 to put this on, so if you felt like paying a little bit head to (you can make a one off donation for a badge or not there)

I have started putting up a few bits and pieces on ebay to raise money for Scope, future internet projects or a possible TMWRNJ DVD release. Check my Twitter (@Herring1967) feed or facebook page- for updates on that.
The RHLSTP Slytherin notebook sold for £1320 (that money will go towards paying for RHLSTP filming)
A rare Talking Cock Edinburgh 2002 programme raised £50 for Scope.
I have a whole attic full of rarities, some of which will go out as monthly subscriber prizes and some which will go towards charity/future projects.

Series 6 podcasts are still going out - the Milton Jones one has just been released on video (audio to follow at the weekend) on youtube and iTunes. There's still another four to be released after this and hopefully soon we will be putting out the Stewart Lee podcast (though this will be pay to view only to raise money for TMWRNJ release).
And there's a seventh series coming out in June/July. Tickets are already available here -
No news on guests as yet, but if you want to be near the front it's worth booking now. And ensure your place at ones that sell out fast. They're all good. We won't be filming the next series as it has proven too expensive and we want to save your badge money for other projects.

I won't be going to the Edinburgh Fringe in August, but instead I am planning to perform all 11 of my one man shows over six weekends in August/September with a brand new show at the end. Tickets are not yet on sale, but this will almost certainly be the last chance to catch some of these shows live and will be a bit of a challenge for me to remember them all. But this way I can stay in my own house during August and charge myself £3000 for staying there and thus make a tidy profit.

My second attempt to win Pointless Celebrities aired last week. But you can still catch it on iPlayer and see if I made up for the embarrassment of my first go -

I have reduced the price of my blog collections to 99p (+VAT Booo!) Over a year of blog entries, plus extra entries about what was going on behind the scenes in my personal life for the cost of a cup of overpriced coffee.
You can get Bye Bye Balham here -
And The Box Lady and Other Pesticles here -
If you prefer paper you can still buy both volumes at gofasterstripe.
There are some good bargains to be had in the kindle sale.
How Not To Grow Up and Talking Cock are also available.

There are still some bargains to be had in the gofasterstripe sale. Head to
And We're All Going To Die is now available on DVD (as are great new DVDs from Ian De Montford and Austentatious)

Other podcasts
Episode 5 of RHMOL should be up soon and Me1 vs Me2 snooker will never end.

Have a fabulous year and thanks for all the support as always
Richard Herring
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