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RHLSTP notebook for sale

Hi all
Just a couple of quick things.

I have started to put a few bits and pieces up on ebay to raise money for charity or my internet projects and thought you might like to know about these two:

Most excitingly the RHLSTP Slytherin notebook, in which I wrote all guest questions for RHLSTP and RHEFP from 5/11/12 onwards, including loads of emergency questions at the back (some used and some not). It's an amazing piece of memorabilia for any fan of the show, plus the money raised will go towards making more internet content.

There is also a very rare Edinburgh version of the 2002 Talking C*ck programme. This has slight differences from the more common tour programme and I doubt that there are many left in existence. But if you want your programme collection to be truly complete then you'll need this. All the money raised goes to Scope -

I will be putting up other bits and pieces over the next few months, including some Fist of Fun and TMWRNJ rarities, which will help us to fund the DVD release of TMWRNJ

If you're not a monthly badge subscriber yet, then you're really missing out. There's a secret channel of extra content that you can only get by donating a pound or more a month (or a one off donation of £12 or more) and it has lots of backstage questions with RHLSTP guests and more. Next week I am recording a special Christmas King od Edinburgh speech to thank you all for taking part. We're probably about a quarter of the way to having enough people to make a monthly filmed AIOTM.
There's also a monthly prize draw and the one at the end of the year is going to be MASSIVE
One of you will be winning:
An exclusive and badly drawn hand-made Me 1 Vs Me2 T-shirt
Doctor Who Regenerations Box Set
A copy of the Pointless Quiz Book signed by Osman and Armstrong
A copy of Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle Season 3, stolen and signed by me
A copy of John Bishop's Rollercoaster DVD signed by me
A copy of Dead Funny signed by me.
And my only other copy of the 2002 Talking Cock Edinburgh programme (currently selling for at least £36 on ebay)
You could clearly make a lot of money selling some of this stuff on ebay yourself.

There will be more draws every month and I am going to up the free content too. Plus you get a badge and help fund future internet content.
I massively appreciate all that you are doing to get this thing off the ground and will do all I can to pay you back for your (minor) generosity.

HAVE A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND LET'S HOPE 2015 IS A CRACKING YEAR FOR US ALL (though statistically speaking that is clearly impossible)
Rod Bless Us Every One.

Richard Herring
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