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It's Richard Herring Monday!

Hi everyone
It's the day of the year that we all look forward to, that we've been celebrating in this country for centuries and which certainly hasn't just been invented this year to fool people into parting with their money. It's Richard Herring Monday. When traditionally everyone buys as many Richard Herring products and tickets as possible in order to give them to confused relatives on Christmas Day who have no idea who he is.
Here are all the Richard Herring Day offers. These offers are strictly limited, so don't delay. As the saying goes, "If you snooze on Richard Herring Day, there is a slight possibility that you might not be able to get tickets and/or DVDs on Richard Herring Day, though to be fair that has never happened yet, but that doesn't mean it might not happen this time, so be careful."

The London run of my latest stand-up show starts TODAY at the Leicester Square Theatre. It's on at 8.45pm every night until Saturday and tickets are STRICTLY LIMITED. We literally are not allowed to sell any more than the 400 theatre capacity.
So head to RIGHT NOW. Once the news is out that these tickets are available they will be snapped right up and no mistake. But if you want to take the chance some people think you'll certainly be able to buy tickets on the door for the Monday to Thursday shows (and probably the weekend ones too, but that is less certain), so just rock up on a last minute whim if you like to live dangerously.
And there's loads of tour dates all over the country in 2015 - Details here.
What a perfect Christmas gift for a loved one/enemy!

What do you want more on Christmas morning than to be forced to contemplate your own mortality? It's as traditional as satsumas and cumpkin pie. And if you hate your family then the reminder that life is transitory will surely cheer you up on this most horrible of days.
Good news. My latest DVD is available at
There is a disc of extras including the full Death episode of RHMOL, an audio Me1VsMe2 snooker tournament and a taster tape of the 1988 Oxford Revue which has to be seen to be believed.
If you don't like your friends/relatives to spend that much money then you might want to check out some of the bargains at Some great stocking fillers there.

Why not make your DVD or tickets gifts even more special by adding some signed show programmes, dedicated to whoever you wish. Plus make a donation to charity!
I have programmes for all the shows (apart from menage a un) and you can either purchase a single programme for a £5 donation (please specify which one(s) you want- £5 each) Or get them all (plus signed leaflets) for just £15. If you donate £20 or more I will also send you a signed "10" Best of DVD and rare stickers from the Lord of the Dance Settee Edinburgh run (while stocks last). You are welcome to donate more and if you live abroad please add five pounds to those figures.
Simply make your donation at and then email me and let me know which programmes you want, the name of the person you want them signed to and the address you want them sent to. Email me at

The winner of the November prize draw was Dunstan Orchard from San Francisco (our third overseas winner - bloody foreigners, not coming over here and sending us money). He may not want the rather parochial Doctor Who and Pointless merchandise which may roll over to next month (if he prefers to get some of my DVDs instead). We are having a big end of year draw with loads of prizes including a hand made Me1Vs Me2 T shirt, a copy of Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle Series 3 that I stole from the Leicester Square Theatre (signed by me) and much more. You have to be in it to win it.
Just donate a pound (or more) a month here and you will get entry into our monthly draw (one entry for each pound you are donating) plus access to a secret channel of extras - including backstage interviews with the RHLSTP guests, plus a badge, plus ticket offers and advanced notification of big star RHLSTP names and other VIP privileges. Most importantly all your money will go towards funding future internet content. You've already been paying for the video versions of RHLSTP, but our next priority is a monthly filmed version of AIOTM. I think we're probably about a quarter of the way to getting enough money monthly to make that happen, so if you can spare a pound (or more) a month and have enjoyed all the stuff I have given out for free, then feel free to help us.
We want to keep everything free (at least one some level) for those who can't afford to pay (and even those who can afford to but resent the idea), but obviously the more people who donate the quicker we can make our crazy ideas come to fruition. I'd love to get AIOTM off the ground in the autumn or Spring 2016. But we really need your help on this one. I have ploughed a lot of my own money back into making comedy this year and can't afford to take another hit! My baby needs shoes.
Why not make a donation in the name of someone for Christmas. They will be delighted to get a badge.

We are working towards buying TMWRNJ from the BBC. We did some podcasts last week, one of which will go out for free and one of which we will be charging you for. But that money will go towards the seriously huge amount of dosh that the BBC are asking for us to rent our own stuff back from them. Hopefully series 1 will be available next year.

I think this is the best series of RHLSTP yet. They've all been recorded and about half of them are already up on line, including Steve Coogan, Sarah Millican, Rebecca Front, Mark Gatiss and my own personal favorite Sara Pascoe. Josh Widdecombe's interview will be up this week and they will carry on weekly until the end of January (we're doing more in May- though these may be back to audio only so we can save our money for AIOTM)
Free audio is here - (see link on that page to subscribe to iTunes)
You can get the free videos here - iTunes -
vimeo -
or SUBSCRIBE to my new youtube channel (which also has RHMOL on it and which I might put up some other dumbass vids) -

The team are working hard to get the last two episodes of RHMOL online. It's taken us a year to get this far and it's been a mammoth undertaking. You can see/hear the shorter (45min) versions of the show on my Youtube channel or on iTunes or the British Comedy Guide. Or pay for a series subscription and get all six episodes (when ready) at full length with complete interviews and extra stand up.
It's £15 for the video and audio or just £6 for the audio. We're well on the way to making our money back on this, but every subscription helps
or make a one off donation however big or small (for a badge or not) at

Unbelievably this continues and the 51st frame has just been recorded. Download it for free here -
It's genuinely the best thing I have ever done and if you don't like it then you are an idiot.

All is progressing well with my baby which the stork delivery people have said will be coming at some point in early February and I have to wait in for the fortnight around that date and they can't give me a specific time. But I have "built" a crib and bought a pram and as far as I understand it that's pretty much all that is expected of me and these things pretty much look after themselves.

Thanks for all your support in 2014. It's been a tricky year in some ways and I don't think I can ever work quite this hard again, but massively appreciate your dedication. I will keep giving everything out for free as much as is humanly possible for those who can't or won't pay. I know it's nice to have me as your own little secret, but telling your friends about my work will really help to keep this leaky ship of foolery afloat.
Have a lovely Christmas
Richard K Herring
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