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Richard Herring April News

Hello all
It's nearly two years since I got married. And I am still married. It's the most successful union in the history of show business. I am going to see if we can make it to three.
Here's what's coming up

Thanks to all those of you who have made a one off or monthly donation to help me fund future internet based projects. You've got off us to a flying start, but we need more of you if we're going to be able to make more than one thing every six months. I am hoping we can make a monthly video version of As It Occurs To Me, but will need quite a bit more money to do that.
All the money made from subscriptions will be channelled back into making online comedy content. I really want to make your generosity worthwhile, so in return for giving a monthly payment you will get access to secret channel with extra clips from Meaning of Life, bonus dressing room questions from RHLSTP (there's already one with Alexei Sayle up for your pleasure) and other surprises. Plus your name in the credits of video version of AIOTM (if and when we are able to make it).
There will also be a monthly prize draw. Everyone who has signed up for a monthly donation by the end of March will be given the chance to win my original copy of the "Railways and the Holocaust" bookazine that features in "We're All Going To Die!". It's a bit battered so I have had to replace it in the show, but I will sign it and send it through to a randomly selected subscriber. You get one entry into the draw for every pound a month you are donating. I will try to do these prize giveaways on a monthly basis. Future prizes include the content of my goodie bag from the Chortle Awards and the T-shirts that I wore in this series of RHLSTP.
All from as little as a pound a month (pay more if you wish to) -

The Gofasterstripe team are working hard to bring out the second episode of this ground-breaking internet TV show to you in the next few weeks. It's about the Paranormal and includes an interview with Professor Richard Wiseman. I think it's a big step forwards from episode one, but this is going to be very much a learning experience. As usual there will be a free shorter video version of the show at
Or download the free audio from the British Comedy Guide -
Or subscribe on iTunes -
If you wish you can pay just £15 to get all six full longer episodes (with full interview and loads more stand up on HD and SD video and audio at
Or pay only £6 for the complete audio of the full series.
There are some really good bits held back for the longer version of the show, plus some extra content like interviews and outtakes.

And it's only a tenner to come and see the show live at the Leicester Square Theatre and there are lots of tickets left for the last two
There's one on April 13th is about Good and Evil with guest TBC
and another on May 18th is about the Shape of Things To Come with guest Alex Krotoski
Buy your tickets here -

I am delighted to announce that RHLSTP has won the Chortle Award for Best Internet. Thanks so much for voting for it. It beat Netflix which I think will have taught it a lesson. Hopefully Netflix will now shut down. We have recorded all of series 5 now, and they will be going out once a week for the next few weeks. There are five to listen to already with seven more to come. Listen for free at the British Comedy Guide - or on iTunes -
Or pay to see the video (or if you wish for the audio) at
We will be back with more in September. And we're also doing one at the Mach Fest in Wales on May 2nd

The tour is heading towards its end, but there are still a few chances to catch it. It's been going really well and lots of people have been coming so thanks again for the support.
Check out for full details, but this is what's to come
Check with venues for returns for the sold out shows
Fri 28th March 2014 Salford Quays, The Lowry 0843 208 6000 SOLD OUT
Sat 29th March 2014 Chorley Little Theatre 01257 264 362 SOLD OUT
Sun 30th March 2014 Glasgow Comedy Festival 0844 395 4005 SOLD OUT
Mon 31st March 2014 Woodend Barn, Banchory, Aberdeen
Tue 1st April 2014 Newcastle Northern Stage 0191 230 5151
Wed 2nd April 2014 Shrewsbury Theatre Severn, 01743 281 281 FEW TICKETS LEFT
Fri 4th April 2014 Margate, Theatre Royal 01843 292 795
Fri 18th April 2014 Corsham 01249 701628
Sat 26th April 2014 Milton Keynes Stables Theatre 01908 280 800
Tue 29th April 2014 Shoreham-By-Sea 01273 464440
Sat 3rd May 2014 Machynlleth Comedy Festival
Mon 12th May 2014 The Horn, St Albans SOLD OUT
Tue 20th May 2014 Sutton Coldfield SOLD OUT
Thu 22nd May 2014 Bloomsbury Theatre, London 020 7388 8822
Fri 23rd May 2014 Bloomsbury Theatre, DVD RECORD 020 7388 8822

I am doing a stand up show and a play in Edinburgh. Make a note of time and dates for your diary. Tickets won't be on sale for a month or two (and there are lots of them as it's a massive venue, but don't let that stop you booking early!)

Here are the details

Stand Up
Lord Of The Dance Settee
Assembly George Sq Theatre
30th Jul-24th Aug

I Killed Rasputin
Assembly George Sq Theatre
31st Jul-24th Aug

There will be opportunities to see the stand up show in preview and I am hoping that the play might get a post-Fringe London run, but none of my other plays did.

I am doing a new weekly show on Fubar Radio with Lou Sanders. It's a subscription based internet station with no censorship. You get an awful lot of content for a small monthly payment. All the details are on their website -

In a blatant attempt to become so popular that they can win a Chortle internet award Netflix have four of my stand up shows on their UK service: Christ on a Bike, Hitler Moustache, The Headmaster's Son and What is Love, Anyway? There might be more if these ones prove popular, so tell your Netflix member friends. What is Love, Anyway? is on the US site. Again if lots of people watch it they will probably add more. You can see all of these for free if you sign up for a month and then leave. But don't do that or Ian Netflix's children won't get any dinner next month.

For T-shirts, hoodies and mugs head to
For DVDs and books check out

Still rocking on. Read all the columns here -

In a concerted attempt to show the British Medical establishment that the BMI is ridiculous I am attempting to lose the 25kg (4 stone) that will get me down to my recommended weight this year. Then I will go back to the doctor and say, "See, I look too thin don't I? You were wrong" and laugh in her stupid face. So far I've lost 10 of the necessary kilograms and I have to say that so far I don't look too thin. In fact I still look quite fat. But don't let that make you think medicine knows anything. I will show them how wrong they are, even if it makes me so healthy that it doesn't kill me.
I've been getting quite annoyed about swimming lane etiquette. Just obey the arrows, people.

Thanks for reading
Lots of Love
Rich Herring
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