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Richard Herring - February News

Hello everyone
Hope you're having a good 2014 so far. I've been skiing (after a fashion) and caught a cold. What's your news?
Here's what else is going on with me this month - it's my busiest February ever, so strap in.

We've already recorded two episodes of this new web-based "TV" show. The first one should be ready to watch very soon.
It is available in a confusing variety of ways.
It will go up as a free video on our vimeo channel - There's a few bits and pieces up there already including the opening titles to show 1 - with music by Christian Reilly and animation by Chay Hawes
There will also be a free audio podcast each month where you'll be able to hear the full interview with that episode's expert (and maybe a bit more) - Subscribe on iTunes - or get it at the British Comedy Guide -

This project is costing me £20,000 and it would be nice to make some of that money back and there are various ways to make a contribution.
A longer full download of the show will be available to buy on video and audio from
There will be some extras on the video pass too (there's already an episode 1 making of clip up for early subscribers).
There are also a confusing array of badges which you can buy to make a small (or large) contribution. I attempt to explain them here -
You can choose to make a one off donation for as little as a pound, or if you wish to help fund this and future projects you can make a monthly commitment instead. All of this money will be used to pay for Meaning of Life and other internet ideas. If you feel the free blogs and podcasts that I give out are worth a pound (or more) a month to you (or even just a one-off payment of a pound) then it would be terrific if you felt like acting as a hive-patron for my work. I'd much prefer to be able to finance stuff by getting a small amount of money from thousands of people than have to rely on advertising or sponsorship. I don't know if it will work, but it's a nice idea!
There will be little bonus bits and bobs for the people who subscribe on a monthly basis. But as always if you can't pay or won't pay then just letting your friends know about this show will be payment enough. But ultimately I can't do anything else like this unless it makes its money back.

The next recording of the show is on February 16th at the Leicester Square Theatre. The show is about Love and my guest will be the writer and agony aunt Virginia Ironside. Tickets are selling well, but there's a few left - There will be three more episodes in March,April and May.

I will send out another newsletter when the first episode is live. Hopefully some time next week!

The We're All Going To Die! tour hits its stride this month, with gigs all round the country until May. You can find out if I am coming close to you here -
The gigs are selling well and quite a few have sold out (check with venue for returns) so do book early.

Sat 8th February 2014 Forest Arts, New Milton 01425 612393 FEW TICKETS
Thu 13th February 2014 Leicester Comedy Festival 0116 242 3595
Wed 19th February 2014 Reading South Street Arts 0118 960 6060 SOLD OUT
Thu 20th February 2014 Unity Theatre, Liverpool 0844 873 2888 SOLD OUT
Fri 21st February 2014 Cambridge Junction 01223 511 511
Sat 22nd February 2014 Colchester Arts Centre 01206 500 900
Thu 27th February 2014 Cheddar 01934 744939 Ext. 6
Fri 28th February 2014 Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms 0870 320 7000
Sat 1st March 2014 Bristol Colston Hall, Hall 2 0117 922 3686 SOLD OUT
Sun 2nd March 2014 Bristol Colston Hall, Hall 2 0117 922 3686 FEW TICKETS

The DVD will be recorded at the Bloomsbury on May 23rd (additional London gig on 22nd May in same venue). Book now -

The Sony Award winning podcast is returning on 17th February for a six week run. A few guests are confirmed, but there are also some exciting possibilities.
17th February Adam Buxton + TBC (NEARLY SOLD OUT)
24th February Robert Llewllyn from Red Dwarf + TBC
3rd March Greg Davies + TBC
Also shows on 10th, 17th and 24th March.
These shows will appear free on iTunes and the British Comedy Guide or as paid video downloads at
If you want to see the shows live then buy tickets here -

I thought I might have a year off, but looks like I am returning to the Fringe. I am doing a stand up show provisionally called, "Lord of the Dance Settee" and also planning to write a play called "I Killed Rasputin". I have no details of where or when these will be on yet. There will be no more RHEFP I am afraid as it just took up too much time and energy for me.

I am shortly going to be hosting a weekly radio show on a new station that launches in a couple of weeks. Keep your eye on Twitter and Facebook for announcements about this. I recently recorded two episodes of Just A Minute which should be on around Easter. My triumphant/disastrous episode of Pointless should be on in a couple of months.

For T-shirts, hoodies and mugs head to
For DVDs and books check out

Four of my stand up shows are now available for UK members of Netflix, Christ on a Bike, Hitler Moustache, The Headmaster's Son and What is Love, Anyway? There might be more if these ones prove popular, so tell your Netflix member friends. What is Love, Anyway? is on the US site. Again if lots of people watch it they will probably add more. You can see all of these for free if you sign up for a month and then leave.

I've written over 100 Metro columns now. You can read them all (the 101st is out tomorrow) here -

I have no earthly idea how I am going to get all this stuff done. Fingers crossed that some funny elves are on hand to get the actual work done whilst I am asleep.
Happy St Skeletor's Day
Rich Herring
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