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Richard Herring - January News

Can you believe it's 2014? It's literally the future (not literally). Read about my disappointment that we don't have hover boards yet in this week's Metro column -

It's going to be another busy year for me, though I have no one to blame but myself. Here's what's coming up

Well, hopefully not this year, though statistically speaking it's unlikely we'll all make it through. So take care of yourselves. Why not confront your own frail mortality and the inevitability of your soul being extinguished by coming to see my latest tour show, "We're All Going To Die!"
There's only one date in January at the Warwick Arts Centre on 19th. It's sold out I am afraid, but do contact the venue to see if there are any returns or to add yourself to the reserve list and to make them feel silly for demoting me to the smaller room at the venue!
All the other dates are listed here - A couple of them are sold out and others are selling well (I am only going to towns where I get big audiences on this tour) so do book ahead.
The DVD is going to be recorded at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London on the 23rd May (there's also an additional show on the 22nd at the same venue) -
The We're All Going To Die! podcast will return sporadically throughout the tour.

My slightly overambitious attempt to record a 6 part filmed stand up "TV" series to be released on the internet, continues this month with the second episode about the Paranormal being recorded at the Leicester Square Theatre on the 26th January. My guest will be Professor Richard Wiseman. It's only £10 a ticket and you can book here -
I would really appreciate your support on this one.
We're working on the editing and animation required for the first episode now. The plan is to put it up on youtube for free, but there will be ways to contribute financially if you wish (and maybe download a longer version of the show for a small fee). I will be in touch when the first episode goes live and will let you know about how you can help with us making more!
I will be doing try-outs for this new material at
5th Tabard Theatre, Chiswick -
7th Pleasance Theatre, London -
9th Backyard Comedy East London -
13th Fortnight Club -
14th Laugh Out Loud Comedy -
23rd Backyard Comedy -
The award-winning, international news headline grabbing interview podcast will be back in February. No guests as yet confirmed, but there are some very exciting possibilities and there should be some BIG names! If you want to take a punt you can book tickets to see the shows here - Some of them will sell out as soon as the guests are named, so keep an eye on my Twitter feed (@Herring1967) or Facebook page
The shows will be released as a free audio and a paid video download as usual. If you want us to keep filming them then please do pay to download an episode or two at least. We're not really turning a profit at the moment, so this is likely to be the last series we film.

We're adding new designs to our exclusive RHLSTP, RHEFP and Me1VsMe2 themed T-shirts and hoodies every couple of weeks. And you can also get mugs now! Check out These will be real collector's items as we're hardly selling anything! This is a brilliant investment opportunity if you want to gamble on me one day becoming successful.

Four of my stand up shows are now available for UK members of Netflix, Christ on a Bike, Hitler Moustache, The Headmaster's Son and What is Love, Anyway? There might be more if these ones prove popular, so tell your Netflix member friends. I think What is Love, Anyway? is on the US site. Again if lots of people watch it they will probably add more. You can see all of these for free if you sign up for a month and then leave.

Over 30,000 people downloaded the first frame of this strange podcast. Two years and 41 frames later that number has dwindled to just barely 4000. But me and the other Mes are going to try and keep these up weekly throughout 2014, until no one is listening. It is genuinely the best thing that I have ever done and if you can't see that then you are an idiot. An idiot in the majority, but aren't most idiots?

At the end of the month my 100th column will be in the Metro newspaper. You can read them for free in the paper every Friday or online - I can't believe I've managed to hold a job this long without being sacked.

DVDS etc
If you like all the free stuff then you can help keep it coming by buying a book or DVD of mine at
Or just tell your friends about the stuff that I am doing.

I hope you all have a happy and prosperous new year, though again statistically this is highly unlikely and some of you are bound to have a rubbish time. I hope it's not you though, because I like you the best.
Thanks for reading,
RK Herring
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