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Richard Herring - September News

Hey everyone
I have just got back from holiday on the Amalfi Coast, a place that taught me that if life gives you lemons, you make a sickly sweet liqueur and flog it to tourists in nice bottles, knowing that when they get it home and are no longer in the sunshine it will taste of nothing but lost happiness.
That was a valuable lesson for me.

Here's what's going on over the next couple of months

I had a great time with both my shows in Edinburgh this year and "We're All Going To Die!" was my most critically praised show to date, with three 5 star reviews and lots of 4s. I am taking it on tour from October until April 2014 (though it's actually a shorter tour than usual as I have so many other things to do). It's unlikely too many more dates will be added (though I am hoping to come to Cheddar) so sorry if you have to travel to see me this year.
All the dates (and reviews and other press stuff) can be found at
If you have seen it and enjoyed it then please tell your friends. The tour show will include a few extra bits that weren't in the Fringe show and I am also planning a "We're All Going To Die!" podcast to accompany the tour, which will be up on iTunes and the British Comedy Guide in the next week or so.
Here's where I am playing in October
1st Braintree -
8th-13th Leicester Square Theatre, LONDON -
16th Frog and Bucket MANCHESTER -
17th Leamington Spa -
23rd Sheffield -

The weekend dates in London are selling well, so do book ahead if you want to come to those. Reading is already sold out - do not leave things to the last minute!

The Sony Award winning podcast is returning to the Leicester Square Theatre for a 4 week run, starting on the 30th September. Once again there will be video podcasts of all the shows for a small payment, but they will still be released as free audio on iTunes and the British Comedy Guide for those who won't pay or can't pay. But you are the commissioners of this series and it will continue as long as it breaks even, so if you can afford to buy just one episode then that would be a massive help in keeping this project running.
Tickets for the shows are available here -
There will be at least six podcasts in the series 4 and you can already purchase your series pass (as well as catching up on the series 3 video podcasts) here -
You will also get the video of my warm up for the Stephen Fry gig as a bonus

I have some amazing names pencilled in for this run, but I can reveal three confirmed guests
30th September Shappi Khorsandi + another TBC
7th October TBC
14th October Dara O'Briain + Ross Noble
28th October (a couple of really big names in pencil for this one, but the problem with super successful international stars is that stuff can come up at the last minute, so can't tell you who they are, but if even one of them confirms it will sell out straight away - book now!)
Keep an eye on Twitter (@Herring1967) or Facebook - or my website for news of other guests

This rather ambitious new show starts on 17th November. It's a monthly themed stand-up show that we are going to film and edit and then put out exclusively on-line. It's like a TV show, but it won't be on TV or have the restrictions that come with that. As it will involve a lot of work for me writing it and the crew making it look like a real TV show, this will be pay-to-view only (though I am planning to interview an expert on each subject in each show and we might make this available as free audio download). If we can make a financial success of this show then it means we can push on and try ever more adventurous ideas. If it loses money (as seems likely) then we will take that on the chin, but not be able to do any more. It's a bold venture and it might not work, but I am excited to be giving it a go, with the support of everyone at gofasterstripe.
You can already buy tickets to see it live (and it's only £10). Details are here -

I have loads of DVDs and books and stuff available to buy at
The most recent additions are
Talking C*ck - The Second Coming, a 2 disc set, packed with extras (including a Me1 Vs Me2 snooker frame) for just £15 -
and if you buy the Talking C*ck book at the same time you will get it for only £5.

10 - the DVD I gave away for free at this year's Fringe, which includes my favourite routine from my last nine Edinburgh shows and some other stuff (nearly two and a half hours of material) is now available to buy - It's essentially my BEST OF DVD

For those of you who didn't want to shell out for the separate Fist of Fun DVDs packed with extras, you can now buy a compilation set of all the episodes from series 1 and 2, including all the commentaries, but no other extras.
The negotiations to release TMWRNJ in the same way seem to be progressing well.

Most of the podcasts continue on a regular or irregular basis
You'll find nearly all of them here -
Though one of them is here -
They are also all available on iTunes and they are all free.
Coming soon - We're All Going To Die! podcast.

No news on the Rasputin script, so you can draw your own conclusions there, but I have been commissioned to write a comedy drama script for Channel 4, provisionally entitled Chedwood.
Next week I am heading off to Armenia with David Baddiel to record an episode of a new show for Dave, which should hopefully be fun. I'll let you know when it is on the telly... I just want to be on the telly.

My weekly column at the Metro continues.
Here is this week's, the 82nd one I've done, about an al fresco blowie -

I do an awful lot of work for charity, but I don't like to talk about it, which is a shame for the charities involved as that means they lose out on valuable publicity. In a way it's quite selfish of me. But I am too humble to discuss the many, many things I do for others. However, Terry, who produces my Warming Up podcast is not so reticent, so I will hand over to him.

Hello, Richard is running the Royal Parks Half Marathon on October 6th. He has not done anywhere near enough training for this and is much too old for such behaviour so he is almost certain to hurt himself or hopefully die. If you could all sponsor him just one pound (I paid a pound) then he would hit his over-inflated target of £3000. Please visit

On 2nd October he is donating ten minutes of his valuable time to perform at the Hammersmith Apollo for the Mencap Big Comedy Special, because he is so good and caring and not because he is an exhibitionist delighted to get the chance to play on a massive stage in front of 3000 people, something that let's face it would never happen in his day to day career. If you want to stoke his ego... I mean, help a brilliant cause, then please come along. There are some actually good comedians on that night so it's worth it.

And as well as that Richard is.... is that it? Is that all his charity work for October? A little run and ten minutes of stand-up. This guy makes me sick.

Thanks Terry. I don't need to read that back to know how kind your words are. Let's just leave it at that

That's all for this time. I know there's an awful lot to take in there, but if you are able to support any of my endeavours it is more than appreciated. And if you can't afford to buy anything, then just informing a like-minded friend of my existence and of this rich seam of secret and largely free comedy would be payment enough! (though money also welcome)

All the best
Richard K Herring
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