Three weeks review of COAB

Richard Herring - Christ On A Bike: The Second Coming
Avalon Promotions Ltd

From Hitler to the son of God, Richard Herring has never been afraid of tackling controversial issues. However, this impeccable routine is never gratuitously provocative, but is instead a playful, intelligent and very funny exploration of the seasoned comedian's knotty personal relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ. Despite describing himself as an "evangelical atheist," Herring is definitely here to entertain rather than vent opinions, and tone of the show is always delightfully light, as he provides grammatical critiques of the Ten Commandments, or recounts one of his imaginative but blasphemous dream sequences. The words 'comedy legend' tend to be somewhat overused by reviewers at this time of year, but, in the case of Herring, the appellation is entirely deserved.
Assembly @ George Street, 5 - 30 Aug, 9.45pm (10.45pm), £8.00 - £11.00, fpp 114.
tw rating 5/5