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Tuesday 30th October 2012

I managed to get the Rasputin script to a point where all the scenes connected up and told a story. It is certainly not finished and I need to do some work on character and pacing, but somehow it's coming together. I think I have probably written the first two episodes with this script, so tomorrow will go back over it, flesh out the bits that need fleshing and find a suitable and suspenseful place to end the episode. There's still much to be done, but the painful bit is over and it feels like fun now. I never seem to remember that writing is always this way, although I think this time it's been harder due to being a bit burned out and exhausted.
But I am definitely in a brighter mood now and we booked a holiday for January today which we can't afford, but what the Hell! It gave me an extra boost, especially when I realised that January is incredibly only two months away.
We went to see Margaret Cho at the Leicester Square Theatre tonight. I didn't know too much about her but she's very good and very open (open enough to end the show by removing some clothes). A lot of the material was about the gay scene and I didn't get all of the references, but I am always fascinated to hear about the world from the perspective of people that are different to me and even though my life is quite different to an American-Korean, bi-sexual with tattoos all over her body, humour and laughter connected us. Her audience was largely gay, it seemed, which is great in most ways of course, but in a sense it would be cool if people outside that demographic (or opposed to it) could see this show too.
On the way out of the theatre I stepped in a massive piece of freshly used chewing gum - like someone had had an entire pack of the stuff in their mouth and then just casually spat it out on the theatre floor. It was very annoying, but stuck pretty thoroughly so I was sticking to the floor and then if I stayed in one place it would deposit a splodge of gum on to the carpet. There wasn't much I could do. I'd like to think that maybe the person had dropped the gum by accident (although hard to imagine how or how they would not have been aware that this massive clump of gum was suddenly not in their mouth any more).
As the audience milled out I was surprised to see a very authentic looking zombie milling amongst them. He had pallid skin and clouded over eyes and ripped clothes and was moaning and moving amongst the people. Everyone pretty much ignored him, assuming that he was probably something to do with the theatre (indeed he was part of the next show), but it just showed that if ever there was a zombie apocalypse most people would just ignore it, or not notice it or assume there was some other explanation (Shaun of the Dead demonstrated that very well). I wondered if, just in case I should take off my shoe and bash the zombie in the head until I destroyed his brain stem, but my shoe would have just stuck to his head and it would have been very embarrassing.

A pretty amazing turn out for Anthony on the 2010 aims -
"Two years ago upon hearing your sitcom based resolution, I resolved to self-publish a novel and sell a thousand copies within two years. Much to my surprise after publishing the book on the Amazon Kindle store in January this year I sold 40,000 copies and got a three book deal with Penguin. And I owe it all to you (sort of - and not in a 'I owe you money' way)."
Check out his blog here. The bastard!

Kendersrule's aim was "To find someone (romantically) who acts like themselves right from the word go.
To fleece* as much money from this repugnant government as possible in the time allowed.
Um, not much else to aim for except to be an awesome parent, which I will be anyway, obviously. I seem to be quite complete otherwise :)"
She got in touch to say "Alas, I have had no luck in finding a love-interest, however I can report complete success on the money/mumsy front. I have enough money saved up to move to a nicer place, no, nicer country when I finish Uni next year, and I'm such a dedicated mum that, to be honest, I haven't really been on the look-out for even a sexy-time partner, let alone a permanent partner!
My son is the light of my life. He makes me laugh, cry, and feel more protective than I thought possible."

Martin set himself the task of getting off the dole and making a living writing comics
He says, "Well, I did get off the dole when I got a job in a shipyard. I’m a steel-fabricator by trade and I recently spent nine months making a boat with a great gang of blokes. My first graphic novel will launch at the London Super Comic Con in February 2013. Then in May I’ll have another book launching at London’s Kapow! Con. And I’ve just started working with an artist on another book."

Whether you've succeeded or failed or just changed your perspective on what is important do let me know how you got on. I won't put them on the blog if you don't want me to and can keep them anonymous if you wish.

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