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Friday 3rd April 2020


My mum finally broke her silence on the Bella’s Pudding speculation that has been gripping the Off Menu listeners on Twitter
Here’s what she had to say

"My parents met Bella on their honeymoon, I don't know where. Bella was obviously the cook or perhaps owned the place Anyway they love the pudding and she gave them the recipe. I used to make it in the 70's in Loughborogh, Not as well as her , I must admit. It involved melting white sugar until it formed a runny caramel then adding eggs and cornflour I think. Unfortunately ,I no longer have the recipe. I never liked it that much anyway!

And then in a further email she dropped the bombshell

" Forgot to say it was served hot

So that answers a few questions, but leaves more to be answered. But to those of you speculating that I made the whole thing up, why would my mum join in the lie? She’s impeccably honest. Even to the point of sacrilege by saying she didn’t like the pudding.
Someone out there must know of Bella who presumably worked in or ran a boarding house of some kind in the 1930s. We need the recipe. Please find it, make it, scrape off the meringue and eat it.

Some people think this is the worst Off Menu of all time, but they don’t understand how important it is to use a genie when you have one, nor how amazing it would be to watch live blackbirds singing in a pie as you eat a jacket potato with probably coleslaw in it, from a polystyrene container, whilst transforming into an 8 year old version of yourself and still knowing you have Bella’s pudding to come.

The half a day on, half a day off work scheme is not really working out at the moment as a couple of hours is just about enough to get all admin, blogging and twitch business out of the way, so we might move over to a day on, day off schedule next week. The plan had been to go on a romantic night away this weekend to celebrate our upcoming 8th wedding anniversary (I could never have predicted that we'd get this far), but that's not to be for now. But we are trying to make the weekends full on family time. Which isn't too different than weekdays at the moment.
It felt a bit sad that today was the end of Phoebe's second term at school, after missing out on the last two weeks. Will she get any of her third term. With the shcool being in the next village she is also cut off from any of her schoolfriends (though there have been some video chats), though luckily remains pals with some of the kids in our locale. We did pop round to a neighbours to look at their tadpoles and talk to them through the window. Another neighbour left a box of eggs from their chickens on our doorstep. It's nice to be part of a community. If you left eggs on a doorstep in Shepherd's Bush they would end up splattered on your windows and the person who threw them would then shit on your doorstep.

You can now listen to it as a podcast here, but then you miss out on Ed Gamble’s appalled face.

Episode 3 of Retro AIOTM from 2009 topically features a potential case of swine flu. Listen here 

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