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Sunday 27th September 2020


I opened a jar of Marmite this evening and unbelievably it has a face in it. Almost like some new bottling technique has resulted in spots on the lid. And that the news story that spawned the world famous Marmite Lid character was just a crock of shit. Never mind, I am contacting the Sun. They love this stuff.
Twitter pointed out that my one looks like a seal (spawning many “don’t break the seal” jokes) so could be a pet for Marmite Lid or probably more realistically I will have to sell it to another Twitch puppet news review programme to recoup some of my losses for hiring Marmite Lid for £100,000 a year. There will be some sucker who pays it. It’s a very competitive market.
I realised today that September is nearly over which means I am recording my audio book on Thursday. That’s crept up on me. That also means I might not be able to do Ally and Herring’s Twitch of Fun on Thursday, but might try and do it on Tuesday instead. Or maybe just do it on Thursday and leave the whole thing to the last minute!
Though I can’t see how that would work.
A fun tree climbing walk in the woods where I used my children like a little Fagin gang to gather kindling for our fire. I mean I think it’s almost certainly not stealing to take dead twigs from a wood, but it probably will become a capital offence in post-Brexit Britain, so stock up now. Then we went home to light the fire and have the kids’ first viewing of Star Wars: A New Hope. Ernie was a bit young for it, but it held Phoebe’s attention pretty well. She said it was boring at points wait til she sees episode 1) and nearly stopped watching, but at the end asked if we could watch the next one, so she was more hooked in than she claimed. Her first comment was “Why do they make it scary right at the front?” But even though she was scared by the man with the breathing helmet on (she asked why he was wearing it and we told her to keep watching to find out) she stuck with it.
It’s been a while since I’ve watched the film (not that I got to see much of it as I had to keep chasing my son around to make sure he wasn’t breaking stuff/killing himself), but from what I saw, it holds up well and doesn’t look like it’s from four decades ago (well only occasionally). Would a film from the 30s have engaged me at the age of 5? 
The cast are all so young and beautiful (especially Jabba the Hut who has really let himself go) and Carrie Fisher so perfect and full of life so it’s almost impossible to believe she’s no longer with us. One suspects that most of the supporting cast thought the film was a load of old rubbish and were in it for the pay cheque, but nevertheless they put in great performances for the movie that, in almost every case, would be the one they would be longest remembered for.
We didn’t really go to the cinema as kids very much and I didn’t see Star Wars when it came out - I don’t even remember when I first saw it. But still nice to share this cultural milestone with my kids, even if it wasn’t really one from my own childhood.

It sometimes feels like 3 years of Relativity has passed by without much press attention, so very nice to get his review from 
Plus the reminder that 4 Extra are repeating at least the first series at the moment so you can start catching up on Radio player or BBC Sounds or whatever it is called this week. 

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