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Wednesday 24th May 2006

I have so much to do at the moment. I am almost two months over due with my Channel 4 script (though I managed to complete the first scene yesterday which is something) and a new series of That Was Then This Is Now that needs writing, as well as my Edinburgh show of course (which annoyingly I started having loads of ideas for at about 3 o clock this morning). Plus of course I now need to write the programme that you are all kindly paying for (have I mentioned that - click the link at the bottom of the page to donate). I have managed to book myself a week break in Tobago next month which I am really looking forward to, but otherwise the next five months are going to be full on.
This afternoon I wanted to get on with the Channel 4 script, but I needed to write the copy for the back of my Edinburgh flyer. Every time I have to do one of these the concept of the show has moved on, and I have more of an idea about what might actually be in it. But there's still a lot of work to be done, so it's quite hard.
I managed to get something together though and hopefully it is enough to entice the casual non-Telegraph reading passer by into the show.
Here's what I came up with:
"Since first appearing at the Fringe as a spotty-faced student in 1987, Richard Herring has become “as much a part of the Edinburgh landscape in August as the Scott Memorial” Chortle.
ménage à un is the 21st show he has performed at the Festival, his previous hits including Ra-Ra-Rasputin, Excavating Rita, Christ on a Bike, Talking Cock and last year’s award winning smash Someone Likes Yoghurt (the award was the Daily Telegraph Worst Comedy Experience of 2005, but it’s the only accolade that Herring has ever picked up and he is fiercely proud of it. In a year that saw both TittyBangBang and Balls of Steel there was some stiff competition)
Herring has also been involved with some of the most ground breaking TV and Radio shows of the last 15 years, including Radio 4’s classic On The Hour, the cult BBC2 series Lee and Herring’s Fist of Fun and This Morning With Richard and Judy (“two of the best comedy series ever shelved by the myopic BBC” The Guardian), Sky TV’s Time Gentlemen Please with Al Murray, the pub Landlord and Radio 4’s hilarious new panel show Banter. He was also sacked by GMTV for making a joke about the biblical character Joseph being a good role-model for dads bringing up kids who were not their own.
ménage à un is Richard’s second consecutive stand up show and deals with solitude, selfishness and whether three in a bed romps are really better than one in a bed romps.
The show also reveals:
• the true solution to the Riddle of the Sphinx and why Oedipus, the stupid motherlover was wrong all along.
• how the English speaking world can unite to humiliate a small French schoolboy.
• the correct answer to Shakespeare’s famous question “To be or not to be?”
• why hating children should logically make you the best person in the world
• how we can create a brave new world for future generations by having sex with sea creatures.
It promises to be “irritating, relentless, pathetic, petty, pedantic, arrogant, embarrassing, pointless and endlessly funny” Stewart Lee, Sunday Times. Plus it’s got sky potatoes!
Do you want to miss that? Course you donÂ’t!
Everyone loves a ménage à un

WARNING: This show is not suitable for children, easily offended cry-baby adults or readers of the Daily Telegraph."

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