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Saturday 24th October 2020


Most of Saturday without the kids and I just wasted it staying in bed til 10am, eating scrambled eggs whilst watching telly and having a bath. Best day of my life. Didn’t even remember to have lunch.
Suddenly it was 4pm and the kids were on their way back.
Oh man, I’d missed them. The idiots.
And also really not missed them.
Good to have them back. Catie forced by the law to have her birthday in different chunks was going out tonight and I got to do the last bit of the day on my own. I think this might be my first night in without her being here since March. So even that felt like a weird bit of pre responsibility freedom. Even though I was technically looking after my sleeping kids. As long as we didn’t need to drive to hospital it would be OK…
The kids were unusually obedient for me tonight, but I let them stay up a bit later than usual, so that the clocks changing wouldn’t fuck us up too much tomorrow. We coloured in (or on in Ernie’s case) and wrestled and played on our devices and had a happy bath where they didn’t fight even a little bit. 
And after I’d read Ernie a story (that Phoebe sat in for), Phoebe asked if she could read the books she’d chosen. It made me cry a little and it wasn’t a sad story. Obviously I’ve seen her reading before, but the progress is rapid and her confidence is impressive. How the Hell do kids learn this stuff? It seems impossible or at least magical. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight, but when the stabliisers come off then suddenly they are flying.
What a pair of little champs they are. And how much easier it is to feel that way about them when they’ve been out of your hair.

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