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Tuesday 23rd April 2019


Back to the harsh realities of work… I’m kidding, I’ve done fuck all but podcasts for the last couple of months. It’s been awesome! Though to be fair there’s been enough admin and jobs needing doing round the house (which I have to gather up the energy to ring someone to come and do), so I am not really lazing about.  And there’s dogs to walk and stones to clear. There is no such thing as a holiday for little Richy.
After last week’s spike in my weight and a weekend where I didn’t take too much care about what I ate (but did a lot of walking) I was relieved to see that this week my weight was at a new 2019 low putting me at 12.1kg lighter than I was on January 1st. Tonight as I struggled to carry my heavy 18 month old son up the stairs, I wondered how much he weighed and put him on the scales. He’s 10.6kg. Four months ago I was carrying that baby and a couple of big bags of flour around with me AT ALL TIMES. You’d think just that would have made me super fit. It really brings it home to you how much has changed when you can pick up a person who weighs less than the weight you’ve lost. I am actually only 6kg away from losing the weight of my 4 year old daughter - who I can still carry around just about, but not without some struggle. 
I have lost a person. And yet I am not in trouble with the authorities. It’s insane.
Even my wife who tries to look at me as little as possible and never really notices anything remarked that my face was looking thin today. It’s only taken four months of calorie counting to get her to notice.
If you want to lose weight move around a bit more and keep track of what you’re eating. You don’t have to starve or fast for two days a week or anything. I have not been hungry and have often felt uncomfortably full (my wife made a brilliant vegetable soup today that was thick and delicious, but like pouring liquid concrete into my stomach that then set and left no room for anything more - but then escaped in gas form in the evening - three states in one day). It’s true that there’s been 113 days of no booze or chocolate, which some of you might not be willing to countenance. But as long as you keep inside your calorific allowance you can have anything. I recommend lots of liquid concrete soup though. As long as you live alone or with someone with no sense of smell.

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