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Monday 22nd July 2019


My daughter’s last day at nursery and we went to the Teddy Bear’s picnic that saw her graduate. I am only slightly joking - we got given a card with a photo of her dressed up in a blue academic gown to treasure, plus a book detailing her 18 months at this establishment.
For a nursery? Come on.
I still loved it though.
I tried to take a photo of my daughter in front of the Class of 2019 poster. She wouldn’t do one without pulling a stupid face. Whenever she gets in front of a crowd she’s just the worst show off. She gets it from her mum.
But she gets that she’s moving on and she’s ready to go. And she doesn’t seem to mind that she has to go to a different school at all. She can’t wait to grab life by the horns and all I can do is sit back and hope she doesn’t lose that desire, or have it taken from her. Lord give her the confidence of a public school child without any of the entitlement or the me having to pay for her to go to school.
How is she this old?
I know this has all been a long boring slog for you, but to me it’s also been a long boring slog, but one where I thought she was still a baby. I may just have confused her with the other one.

Ticket sales for the Edinburgh RHLSTP have topped 1500, which sounds OK, but it’s only 18% of the tickets for the whole run. I am only aiming for 50% (but will need a few big sellers to make that happen) and I think mine is the kind of show that people will book on the day and maybe get to hear about as the Fringe progresses. But if you want to buy a couple of tickets right now then it would take a bit of pressure off for me and my relationship with my bank manager (which got a bit stretched in 2014).
Some great new names added today including Lost Voice Guy, Janey Godley and Tony Law. Check out the confirmed guests and see ticket links here. 
There may be more guests added, even to the ones that have a guest already. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. But you don’t have to do to the Fringe- they will all be up on the RHLSTP feed within 24 hours of being recorded (and just listening to as many as you can as many times as you can will add funds, albeit tiny funds!)
Spread the news about the show to anyone you think might like it.

Good news for those of you who own a RHLSTP Rubik’s Cube - this week’s auction of one of the few remaining cubes raised £92 for RHLSTP. Bad news if you want one, but another one has just gone up (it’s already at over £50 and it’s only been a few hours

Another exciting ebay item is my RHLSTP Wookie question book from series 13 and various tour shows. It’s got my research notes on each guest, some emergency questions and autographs of most of the 38 guests that I interviewed whilst holding this horrible notebook. Autographs from Brian Blessed, Ricky Wilson, Maria Bamford, Mackenzie Crook and many more. It’s likely to go for a good price and is already well over £100. But if you want a bit of RHLSTP history and to help us fund more podcasts then this could be the item for you. Or just bid on it and pray that someone else tops your offer. It all counts

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