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Thursday 18th November 2004

David Wragg was the first in with the translation. If you want to keep the message of the scary bald cat spam mail a mystery then please look away now.
David's translation (which seems to match up with most of the other ones I received) goes like this, "Amaravati breeding center. Kitten sale. Canadian Sphinx."
And after the email addresses:
"All documents, delivery to any point on earth."

So sadly it is merely an attempt to sell strange cats to the people of the world, regardless of what point of the earth they live on. I wonder if you requested delivery to inside the crater of an active volcano whether the Russians would still keep to their promise. Or to some specific coordinates in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Or indeed to the South Pole where a cat with no fur would not survive for very long.
I presume by "All documents" that they mean the cats will be documented to prove that they are indeed Canadian Sphinx cats. As if anyone would doubt that when they saw the horrible freaks. Unless someone else in Russia is making a good living shaving cats and painting them blue and creasing them up in some kind of machine and passing them off as this disgusting breed. And if they are capable of such a deception I am sure they are also able to forge documents as well.
Well I've done my bit. If any of you want any of those cats you now know where to email. If you want to know more then check out their website, which includes this rather bizarre picture which presumably explains where they get their supply of cats from

The company is approved by the cat fanciers association, which isn't something I'd be bragging about on the internet if I were them and you can read the whole exciting story of why they decided to breed and sell these abhorations.
Here's a little taster for you, "In 2000, after purchase of new female nurseling we decided to create own nursery of cats of breed Sphynx. Sense of its creation was not commerce, rather it was a hobby, interest to Sphynxes as to a breed, and certainly opportunity to observe and participate in promotion of the breed, systematic development and improvement of own properties of the animals."
Well that's all explained. Now back to your humdrum lives.

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