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Thursday 17th October 2019


I found a page of dialogue that I’d written for Relativity a month or so ago and it made me feel like I’d achieved something today. I think I need 180 pages of dialogue by December for the read through, but it’s still something. I only had a half day to work today as it was my wife’s turn to do podcasts, but even though my main achievement was something that I’d already done but sort of forgotten about, it still felt good.
And I at least had some thoughts about where the series might be going. Looking at it it’s still something like only 5 pages a day, and I am sure there will be some days where I write more than that. Knowing me, the two or three days before the scripts are needed. It’s on my mind all the time, like a leaden albatross. 
I gave Catie a lift to the station and then went to work in a cafe before I had to pick Phoebe up from school. The bad news was that the 3 network is down and the cafes internet required me to put in a code that would be texted to me. But as I had no network I couldn’t get the text. It shouldn’t have mattered as the work I was doing didn’t need the internet, but I couldn’t stand being cut off from the world so had to go back home.
I am addicted to the internet. This might have been a good opportunity to work unfettered by the present day like a writer from the past. But my love for being able to check Twitter every 3 minutes and do spurious research pulled me away.
My addictions are pathetic but overwhelming. I foolishly believe that 2020 is going to be different. 
Meanwhile Michael Sheen’s UFO story was making news. I am nearly always surprised by the stories that get picked up in the media and it’s not like today was a slow news day, so to find out that it was mentioned on the Today programme was a nice surprise. It’s a very good podcast if you haven’t listened yet.

I am loving doing the school run with my daughter. She’s a fizzing ball of energy at both ends of the day and her confidence is disarming. She had worked out that she could put her hands into her coat sleeves and make them disappear and decided to show a group of Year 6 boys this brilliant trick. She knew one of them as there is a buddy system at school, but the others were just much older kids (who still knew her name as I suspect she’s abusing the system and spending a lot of time bothering her buddy). They were very polite to her and found her antics amusing. She’s bossing the playground.
I took her swimming after school and she was excited as she had new goggles (running back to tell one of the other mums this fact). She wore the goggles for the entire drive to the pool. It’s great being four.
I hate to think that the world will crush the spirit of this girl and the innocence of my adorable little boy (who I give such a hard time to, but who is unbearably sweet). It won’t stop those things happening. But I hope it doesn’t all get chipped away.
It’s still surreal that somehow these people have turned up in our lives, but I am very glad they did, even if they have bashed my brain in with tiredness and destroyed my admittedly fading youth. Where would I be if I hadn’t met my wife and somehow convinced her to throw her lot in with mine? I’d 60% probably still be here somewhere, but these two idiots would never have seen the light of day. Let’s not think of the billions of potential lives I prevented from ever existing thanks to my selfish choices, but at least I smuggled these two out.
I hate to admit it but without my wife I’d be nothing. It’s a terrible thing to owe one person so much, especially when you’ve entered the competition that is marriage.

Guests for the Northampton RHLSTP have just been announced. It’s Steve McNeil from Go 8 Bit and Wifi Wars and the Reverend Richard Coles from off of the Communards, Strictly and God. 
Getting dangerously close to a full complement of guests now. Still tickets for most shows 

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