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Friday 17th January 2020


I did it! With 3 hours to spare I sent off the 6th script. Who said I was last minute? No idea if it’s any good. I am going to read through all 6 scripts on Sunday and make some last minute changes. But we’re close enough. It’s done. Now the fun bit can begin, assuming the illness doesn’t make things horrible for me. That’s a big assumption.
It was weirdly anti-climactic, of course, but slowly relief spread through my body and brain. I can’t believe I have done this. It seemed not possible for so long and even today at times I wondered if I’d piece together the final scene.The truth is I could keep tinkering with these six scripts for another six months in order to perfect them,  so it’s good my hand is forced. I believe enough in the producer and cast to know that we can do a lot of work on it in the next week, but I think I’ve done six good scripts here. It’s hard to tell when you’re so close to it though. I’d have been happy with four good ones and a couple of filler eps, so it has exceeded all my expectations. Most notably in existing at all.
Even more remarkably I was able to give my wife a couple of hours of needed peace and quiet by doing the school run and then taking the kids to the supermarket (which is a tricky group activity, but one I’ve become quite adept at managing, mainly by the skilful deployment of treats. 
My daughter was in good spirits despite her third playtime injury in the last fortnight (I have come to expect the little injury slip at pick up - this time she’d bumped her cheek and there was a nasty red mark). She kept saying “Ooo laa laa” to me which was a new catchphrase and something I don’t recall her saying  ever before,
"Where did you hear that?" I asked
"I just made it up", she replied.
My daughter was brazenly claiming to have invented the phrase “ooo laa laa.” I admired her confidence. And I cannot prove otherwise, so if you ever find yourself using the phrase please send her a cheque for 50p per usage.

One of my absolute favourite RHLSTPs ever went up today. 
John Kearns is the guest and it’s an hour or so of stupid fucking nonsense. Hope you enjoy it. I watched a few random bits and was crying with laughter each time, as I did during the recording. We have a lovely synergy and John coped well with my rudeness. I hope we can do something together in the future. Even if it’s just one RHLSTP every series from now on.

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