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Tuesday 15th September 2020


I realised today that my blog is 18 in just over two months and can then get married without my permission. I am trying not to think about whether my blog has had sex yet. I just hope it doesn’t vote Tory.
It’s also now 31 years since I arrived in London after graduanding from University. It only seems like yesterday that I was sitting in the lounge of 32 Hereford Road, Acton, feeling sick at the thought of it being a whole year since I had lived in the real world. But that was 30 years ago. It doesn’t make any kind of sense.
I plan to live another 30 years min. So blink and I’m dead.
The relentless monotony of the day to day chores of being a parent bring home how life is frittered away. Every night we go through the basic same experience of putting the kids to bed, cajoling my son init his pyjamas, trying to not let him run round in a circle for too long, bath, teeth clean, story, milk, bed and if we’re lucky sleep. I’ve done it hundreds of times for him already and for his sister too, but there’s hundreds more of this same thing to go. Though gradually things will change (nappies are no longer part of the routine). Then suddenly I won’t have to do it any more. Then suddenly they will have flown off into the night. And I’ll be pushing 70 and wondering where the middle bit of my life evaporated off to, just as I now can’t fathom how I ate through 31 fucking years since finishing with education.
I have not been 100% well this week - don’t think it’s Covid, but just a regular bug picked up from my son, but I was super weary this morning and went back to bed once the relentless monotony of breakfast and the school run was done (Breakfast is actually my favourite part of the day - I am pretty good at juggling all the different requirements and getting chores like emptying the dishwasher done and even occasionally writing my blog whilst the kids have some iPad time).
I didn’t sleep but felt better for lying down. Then I had a zoom meeting with my publishers about my upcoming audiobook recording (and I’m keen to make this super good value and packed with extras - I can’t beat Buxton, but I can attempt to keep up) and spent the rest of the day writing a couple of Spitting Image sketches and then player blogs for the snooker sticker album. I hope my work will not be in vain. We need to hit the target or the album will never exist. 
Good to see that (for now) all the Me1 vs Me2 stats are back up on the wikipedia page.
Most of these will be in the album too.

A surprise live evening stone clear full of incident and excitement. Was I captured by the Stone Stasi. Watch here to find out. I think the lady on the mobility scooter is on to me though.

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