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Thursday 12th June 2014


A slightly more intense second personal training session today, which involved doing press ups and pull ups and squats holding on to a metal bar with weights on the end, like I was an actual weight lifter. Admittedly the weights at the end were about the dimensions and mass of a baked bean tin lid, but I am still like a strong man from the circus. And the metal pole was heavier than you'd think. I do not yet have any abs, which seems ridiculous, but the hour session made me feel exhilirated and then later quite tired and stiff. It's too early to work out if this is going to be a good thing to be doing with all the work I have to do (due to giving me more energy) or if it's going to take up too much time and make me fall asleep. But it already seems to be paying off in terms of my weight - I finally dropped below 84kg today. I think it's probably because I have no idea how many calories a session burns up so am not eating enough!

I didn't get much further on the play today, which was annoying, though met up with the director to discuss casting and how we are going to represent the dog that's in the script. It was a beautiful day in central London and Trafalgar square was gearing up for the World Cup. The living statues were out in force, though there was one I hadn't seen before of a man dressed up as yoda, holding on to a large staff, who seemed to be floating above the ground. Either he is actually able to levitate (it seems unlikely that he'd use this skill in this way, but you never know) or the staff holds the key, but it did look impressive. And it's a living. It looked magic. But wasn't. Like all magic I suppose. But I enjoyed seeing the amazement in the eyes of the children who saw him. And feeling the amazement inside me, being stomped down by my adult reason. It was still there though.

As I wasn't really feeling the play in the evening I decided to finish off my work for the Lord of the Dance Settee programme, which should hopefully be put together over the next few days and be available at gigs in a fortnight or so. It's another thing crossed off on my whiteboard list of the things I need to do before Edinburgh. Now just the "I Killed Rasputin" leaflet copy, oh and the play and the stand up show to write. We'll get there.

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