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Thursday 29th September 2016


In an attempt to sell our house (it’s been off the market for ages but we’re going to see if anyone wants it now) my wife and I have decided to get everything just how we want it, so we’re happy to be living here. Because the minute that happens someone will buy it. That’s just facts.

So today we started on a big kitchen tidy. We’re going to go through all the drawers and find out what we’re using and what we’re not and organise things better. It’s going to take forever though. Today we just emptied out the two cupboards that we keep food in and it took about two hours to get it all sorted out. It’s only four years since we had the kitchen done, but even so there was an awful lot of food that had gone passed its sell by date years ago or that we’d forgotten we had. We filled two big bin liners with food that even I, with my somewhat blasé attitude to sell-by dates refused to eat. Only one thing had actually gone rotten though. So we’re not pigs.

Things had got a little haphazard and there was stuff at the back of cupboard that we’d forgotten about. But the hard work was worth it because the new system we instituted with everything in its place (at least for the rest of the week) made a lot more sense. What a wonderful life I would live if I was organised. But perhaps I wouldn’t be as creative. A messy desk is meant to reveal an imaginative brain. I’d love to get to the point where everything had its place and returned to its place after it got used. But how likely is that to start happening after practically 50 years of chaos?

Can I just make an exception for the kitchen? What if we kept the kitchen tidy? I don’t do any creating in there. Except the occasional experiments with chilli.

I am overloaded with work, but it’s all such fun stuff to do that I am not really getting stressed out yet. I probably should. I managed to complete the first draft of all six episodes of my toaster robot sketch today and to start work on the Emergency Question book that I am sending out as the kickstarter reward. I am very keen to make all the rewards good value and have proper work in them and I do think the emergency question book could be a really brilliant thing - both fun and funny to read, but actually genuinely entertaining to play with friends. I am delighted to be able to have a go at making it something worth having, but of course, more work that I am not going to get paid for. Ah well, fuck it. I will be rewarded in Hell.

And to just pile on the work I am acting in another short film the weekend after next and met up with the director and writer today to have a brief chat about my part. I think it should be a lot of fun, but it makes a very busy week next week (with the return of RHLSTP, The Best coming to Sheffield and me still having to write the second episode of AIOTM, and not forgetting the Radio 4 sitcom which I have totally forgotten about). Well, I will find a way through.

Phoebe hasn’t been too well all week, which doesn’t help matters. Just when I’d got to a point in my life where I didn’t really care about myself any more and could just get on and enjoy things, now I have this little pup to fret over. It’s amazing how I don’t care that she woke me up all night, needing water and cough medicine and an occasional hug. All the things I thought would suck about parenthood are the things that are actually OK. It’s just the horror, the horror that is the soul-killer. 

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