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Sunday 15th January 2017


Another long hard day of work, but AIOTM 5 is now in the can and I am pleased with how it turned out. I will be glad when it’s all over, because it’s been a huge amount of stress, but luckily it’s so much fun to perform that it all seems worth it when it’s over. Two shows that pretty much didn’t exist at all this time last week have now been recorded. It’s kinda freaky!

I felt skittish and was acting in a bit of a silly manner when I came on to do the warm up before the audio show and I was confused as to why that was. I’d been tired and hadn’t felt particularly giddy, but I was dancing around and my mouth was running away with me.

It took the arrival of Emma and Dan on to stage for me to understand what had been happening. I had spent the previous 30 minutes making my prompt cards in our tiny windowless dressing room, using a can of spray glue. So we’d all effectively been sitting in a confined space and inhaling glue for half an hour. Suddenly my strange behaviour made sense. So hope you enjoy the podcasts. The audio one was made coming up to a glue sniffing high and the video one was made coming down. Only Christian, who insists on his own dressing room and won’t mix with the rest of the cast off stage remained immune.

Also we had eaten a lot of Haribo and I haven’t had much sugar this year. I think I might have hallucinated the whole thing.

A great turn out though with about 300 people in. I think we might be able to sell out the last show (last AIOTM ever?) on February 12th, so book ahead if you want to come. I suspect there may be some prizes to be won too as we try to get rid of the set and some props. 

There were some fun moments for the blooper reel. Last month Christian was nearly crushed by a falling bit of scenery, this month as I came on to start the video podcast he came flying off his podium as the blocks shifted and his stool fell between them. Always upstaging me, the hack. Luckily his guitar was unharmed. Dan was in good form too, with his very individual impression of Donald Trump (which really captures his essence) and a great turn as the man who cleans up in the Kew Gardens indoor play. Emma did two of the most disgusting poo anecdotes that I have ever heard. Christian fell off his podium. It literally had everything.

It all passed in a glue sniffing blur. But it seemed to go down well. I was glad to get home, though my bones ached from tiredness and I was upset to see a picture of Trump now meeting up with Gove and both putting their thumbs up (each other, I assume). It seems he is meeting UK politicians, starting with the shittest one and then working his way up. I wonder who will be next.

Every day I regret not incapacitating Gove when I had the chance. I wonder how different the world would have been. Someone should write a sitcom about that.

Next task to write 3 sitcom scripts in 10 days, whilst simultaneously casting and rehearsing another sitcom. I can do it. I have to believe that. If I can make two AIOTM  scripts appear in five days, I can do anything.

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