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Friday 22nd September 2017


Got sucked into a couple of internet wormholes today. I saw an article which said that the Badfinger hit “Come and Get It” had been written by Paul McCartney. I didn’t know much about Badfinger (except maybe at the back of my mind knowing there was a story there somewhere) and I watched a video of them performing the song. The man on the keyboards was wearing a watch that looked a bit like an Apple Watch. What if Badfinger had invented it. The song is a little bit saucy and the singer was clearly having a great time, enjoying his naughtiness. This was 1970 and I wondered what effect time would have had on these slightly skew-whiff looking musicians and made the mistake of looking into it.
And that was what had been niggling at the back of my mind. The band were signed up by Apple and became biggish stars and then changed management and record companies. Unfortunately their new manager was not the most reliable and honest man in the world and these cheeky, smiling men got into all kinds of legal and economic difficulties. And the man with the Apple Watch hanged himself. And then, a few years later the man enjoying the naughtiness of offering sex on a short term basis if the recipient was willing to travel and quickly, also hanged himself.
So that’s a bit depressing. But I watched a documentary about Pete Ham.
Show business is a fickle mistress.
Later I saw a BBC news headline stating “Three in dramatic boat rescue,” which would have been a much better title for Jerome K Jerome’s book. Its suddenly struck me how weird it was that Jerome K Jerome had the same first name and surname, but also how even weirder it was that his parents hadn’t gone the whole hog and made it his middle name too. Jerome J Jerome would be a great name. Especially when you discovered that the J stood for Jerome too.
I thought Jerome K Jerome’s dad was an idiot until I discovered that he was also called Jerome Jerome. His real name was Jerome Clapp (and I bet he got teased about that), so he changed it to Jerome Clapp Jerome (which would only double the teasing, as he still had the STD in there, but now had the same first and last name). And the K in Jerome K Jerome doesn’t stand for Kerome (which would be even better than Jerome) but Klapka. Which again, doesn’t put the STD-based teasing to bed. Jerome K Jerome did come up with a better title for the sequel to Three Men in a Boat, which was Three Men in a Bummel (which I assume is some kind of genital based Human Centipede affair). I never thought I’d go so far down an internet hole based on Jerome K Jerome.

Monthly badgers should have received an email confirming the first 3 or 4 guests for the new series of RHLSTP and also some speculation about who else might be in it.
I was surprised to discover tonight that I had never watched Grown Ups 2. I have now half-watched it whilst doing other stuff. It is very bad. Now I will have to listen to the podcast where those New Zealand guys watch it every week and discuss it.

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