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Review: Richard Herring テや Talking Cock
10/05/2013 | Filed under: Comedy,Latest Reviews,Reviews,Reviews | Posted by: Sid Sagar

richard-herring-talking-c-ck-the-second-coming-264-300Itテや冱 not everyday that you listen to a 45-year-old man spend 90 minutes talking about his penis, unless youテや决e married to Richard Herring or go to very different parties to me.

Richardテや冱 latest tour is an updated version of his original Talking Cock tour from 2002. The show is billed as テや廴anテや冱 answer to the Vagina Monologuesテや; myself and my guest for the evening were slightly concerned that we were in for 90 minutes of nob gags.

The show opens with a dazzling array of euphemisms for the male member with the promise that he has thousands of them and would not stop spouting poster_thumbthem until the audience laughed at a certain volume, this was achieved surprisingly quickly and set the standard for the whole night. Sometimes puerile, sometimes witty and clever, and at all times entertaining.

An online questionnaire for both men and women has been up and running for some time and the results form the basis of some of the most poignant moments of the show. The results also provided moments of hilarity that brought tears to my eyes and some rather evil cackles from a certain section of the audience.

At the end of the first half Richard invited members of the audience to tweet him questions or comments on the subject of the penis. These were then used in the second half テや my particular favourite was a man stating that he was there with his 17-year-old son and asking for advice on what he should say to his son about the penis. Richardテや冱 advice was that you should not discuss it in a room of 250 strangers.

The only disappointment of the whole evening was the start of the second half when we were advised that there would be a selection of merchandise available after the show. This took the sheen off the night for my guest and me ever so slightly.

Upon leaving, the woman next to us commented テや廝loody hell, Iテや冦 glad I didnテや冲 bring my Mum!テや テや a sentiment I can whole-heartedly echo. However, if you are after a laugh-filled, enlightening evening on the subject of the cock I would recommend you go along.