Shropshire Star reviews Talking Cock

Appearing in the Walker Theatre at Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury, he set about making the audience in the nearly-full venue roar with laughter, while also questioning themselves. Not an easy feat.

The crowd, mostly in their late 30s to early 40s, had obviously grown up watching his comedy and Herring is one of the few comics to get better with age.

As well as his greater understanding of what is needed to make an audience belly laugh, he knows what to say, when, and how, regardless of the subject.

Unfortunately, the subject was rather taboo and if youÂ’re old enough to remember the first time he tackled the idea in 2003, then youÂ’re old enough to know what he was talking about.

As the saying goes, you can use statistics to say anything you want. As it went, Herring used his statistics to make brilliant jokes, clever quips and witty anecdotes.

Questioning more than 8,000 fans through his online questionnaire and feedback via e-mail, Herring did his own research, reviewed his own statistics and evaluated his results to hilarious effect. No subject or action was too far, and no question was too probing.

Sexuality, gender and religion were all referenced, dissected and turned into wonderful, well thought-out jokes and routines right through the show, which was as informative, interesting and impressive as it was funny.

The 45-year-old shows no signs of abating and, if he continues to revisit his old haunts a decade later, Shrewsbury can look forward to more shows of a very high standard in the future.

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