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Tuesday 16th June 2009

No news from Virgilio Anderson. Apparently wikipedia has stamped on any attempts to set up a page. So it's up to you all now to make Virgilio so famous that they are forced to take an article. The man himself has not yet been in touch. We don't know why he has done this? Why Virgilio? Who are you? Who am I? Am I you? Are you me? How's the weather in Macedonia?
The moustache seems to be getting more reaction this time round, possibly because of my shorter hair. But certainly more people are staring at me and then looking away with fear in their eyes when I notice them. Or possibly I am imagining it. How can I know what they are reacting to or what they're thinking? If it was me I would probably think, "Wow," followed rapidly by a weary, "What a prick." But maybe some of them are just vaguely recognising me from my TV appearances from ten years ago and are thinking, "Fuck, he's let himself go. Not being on TV has obviously hit him hard."
After my late night drive back from Cambridge I was too knackered to get much done today. I spent most of the time arguing with Andrew Collings about putting fluoride in water on his website. I am correct and he is wrong. And that always makes it fun to debate.
So it was mainly one of those days where I just created mischief on the world wide web. Or the "wuuuh" as I am trying to get it renamed after someone complained that I am saying "ww dot" instead of "www dot" on the podcast. WWW is too long, so how about we abbreviate it to "Wuuuh"? That's what you get if you read it out as a word. It could be as popular as my idea to rename the forward slash the "flash" and the backward slash the "blash".
I will make my mark on this world some how. Even if it is under the name Virgilio Anderson.

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