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Saturday 9th December 2023

Parenting has got a bit easier, or maybe I am not working as hard or maybe my healthiness is making me less sleepy, but it's been ages since I've napped in the afternoon. But I've done a lot or early mornings recently and it's been all go and this afternoon as we watched a panto I drifted off.
It had been a full on day already. Up early with my stupid son and then I took Phoebe to her football match. I thought I'd wrapped up warm, but not warm enough. My ears got so cold that I got a headache. It was a great match and Phoebe's team dominated, but somehow they couldn't get the ball in the net and the other team had a bit of luck and we lost 3-1 (after missing a penalty). It still felt like a win and Phoebe was solid in defence and won player of match for our team. It was worth getting pneumonia and dying to witness it. It's better than watching York City anyway and fewer of the fans vomit on the floor.
We'd then come home and warmed up in front of the fire and in the bath (separately of course - the days of daddy/daughter baths have gone), but then went out to see Santa who'd set up a grotto in our local pub. Why not? Ready supply of sherry.
We couldn't stay long as we were booked into the panto. Last time we'd come Phoebe had been ill and stayed home and Ernie got scared by the loudness of the music like some kind of Maurice Mitchener and we'd had to leave after 5 minutes. This time the noise still bothered him, but he warmed to the show and heckled a bit - best one "Your jokes are not funny to me," which is a pretty unbeatable heckle - sadly they didn't hear him. My tired body, confused by the extremes of cold and warmth it had experienced and not stimulated by the slightly below par panto, slipped into a state betwixt sleep and wakefulness. But it was a satisfying catnap. In the early days of fatherhood I would sleep through entire films and I only missed about 10 minutes this time and was able to pick up the story.
December is going to be full of events so I will doubtless have some more chances to snooze. Or at least the desire.

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