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Wednesday 29th December 2021
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Wednesday 29th December 2021


It seems that getting Omicron is more or less inevitable and I am concerned I will get it at an inconvenient time (I am doing some filming at the start of February and really don’t want to miss out on that) so I wonder if the solution is to deliberately try and get it now to get it out of the way. It could be like chicken pox parties for kids. Adults who want to get the virus done and dusted should get together, get it now, immediately self-isolate and ride it out. Of course some of them will get properly ill, but given the likelihood is that we will all get it some time, surely it makes sense to get it under controlled circumstances and even sort out those anti-Covid pills that can keep people out of hospital for the vulnerable. 
I am sort of joking here, but I wonder if some kind of controlled infection might actually work. People choose the week they want to get it, stay inside all that time and the hospitals manage the numbers so they don’t get overwhelmed. I’d want people to be triple jabbed if possible, but infection is also a form of vaccination for the idiots who won’t get vaccinated. It wouldn’t have been a good course of action for previous variants where infection wasn’t more or less assured. But given that this one is so virulent have I just hit upon a novel way to deal with this. I’d very much like to get Omicron in the first week of January. I don’t have much on and can stay in the house and as someone who has had chemo recently, I will get sent the magic Covid pill if I get a positive test. I don’t want to die or get long Covid, but if I am bound to get infected at some point, if I am one of the unlucky ones then that will happen anyway. So I might as well do it under control conditions.
Given the time of year, maybe the government could rent out Centre Parcs and other such locations so that thousands of people at a time can get the virus at the same time, but be able to isolate from the outside world and there could be hospital facilities set up in the spa. You’d get coughed on on arrival and then get to enjoy the facilities or stay in your bed and then be released after two negative tests. You could go for a little boat ride or even enjoy the water slides if well enough. It could be staffed by people who were in the previous week and how have natural immunity. You could choose when to go in and manage your Covid and have people on hand to help if anything goes wrong, putting no strain on the hospitals. 
I will send this proposal to Boris Johnson immediately. It may be insane (but his previous decisions suggest that that isn’t necessarily going to stop him) but it might just work.
Anyway, regardless. If anyone with Omicron wants to come over and snog me for fifteen minutes on January 1st then please get in touch. 

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