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Wednesday 7th June 2023


I think it’s time to admit, it doesn’t matter who was right and who was wrong about Brexit, we have to unite and get the UK back on its feet TOGETHER. And Remainers were right.

Big excitement in the village (probably - I don’t speak to anyone else) as there’s an Apple TV show filming up on the hill. Cars and winnebagos are parked up in the grounds of the big house up there.  It’s all very exciting. I walked my dog up past the area wondering if I’d catch a glimpse of the star, another comedian that I know pretty well, but maybe not well enough to invite him for a cup of coffee at my house. Actually I do know him well enough for that, but my life has been spent, socially at least, not trying to impose on people. I wouldn’t want to give him the headache of having to think about something like that when he’s working.
I would love to do a bit more acting than I do and I am slightly envious of my comedy acquaintance -another reason I’m not inviting him down for coffee as he probably doesn’t want to have me bitching at him about it for an hour. Had things turned out only very slightly differently in my career then I might have been one of the lucky ones in the winnebagos, rather than the bloke picking up dog shit and wishing. But both paths are equally valid. Except for the being a star in an Apple TV show which is much better.
At University I was one of the top comedy actors, but in the real world, maybe due to losses confidence or possibly due to being shit, it didn’t really happen for me. But I saw people who I think were equivalent to me as actors get jobs and then become much better actors as a result of getting work. So had things worked out differently then maybe that’s where I’d be now. 
To be fair, I don’t particularly want to do it now. Not to the same extent. I actually preferred my day of clearing up dog shit and then going to a vegan cafe in Hitchin for lunch with my wife (it’s closing on Sunday tragically for Hitchin vegans) and not having to learn any lines. But it would have been nice to get to do some more of this stuff in my 30s and 40s. As well as having more of my scripts produced.
So it wasn’t really too much envy of the successful comedian (who is terrific and deserves everything he has, unlike some of those cunts), but slight regret that I came close, but missed out. Just because of a bit of luck or a lack of talent or an inability to network or a loss of confidence after being bullied by all the comedians in the country in Edinburgh 88. 
Maybe though I should hang around near the set in case one of the actors doesn’t turn up or someone gets ill and let them know that I have an Equity Card and did Waiting For Godot at University and I can step in.
Or maybe I’ll just buy a winnebago and pretend I’m in a film. And then I don’t have to do any actual work. Acting is really boring to be fair. It’s just the winnebago that I covet.

RHLSTP with brainy and naughty Sophie Duker now up wherever you get your pods.

The line-ups for the live RHLSTPs are filling up nicely, plus you can now buy tickets for the four gigs at the Bill Murray at the end of July. It’s a small venue and the tickets are cheap so that should sell fast.
Badgers and Plussers, the guests for those shows are up in your secret areas!

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