Time Out Top 10 comedy podcasts


The top ten comedy podcasts
We run down the ten funniest audio offerings on the web

By Ben Williams Fri May 10 2013

Free from the censorship shackles of TV and radio, and the time restrictions of live club gigs, you can often find comedians at their most creative and riff-tastic on the internet, in comedy podcasts.

There are hundreds of free downloads out there. Some have gained huge cult followings, others have more or less disappeared into the etherÂ… But here weÂ’ve rounded up what we think are the ten best comedy podcasts the internet has to offer.

Richard HerringÂ’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

In his unofficial role as the king of internet comedy, Richard Herring’s been churning out top-quality podcasts for yonks (we also highly recommend ‘As It Occurs to Me’, if you haven’t listened to it already). But his most recent series – RHLSTP, as all the cool kids are calling it – is his finest yet.

After a few minutes of topical jokes, Herring sits down with the good and great of stand-up and TV comedy, from Armando Iannucci to Stewart Lee, Jonathan Ross to Tim Minchin. But this isnÂ’t a cushy love-in, Herring asks ridiculous questions and gets equally silly (and often filthy) answers. ItÂ’s made us laugh more than anything else on the internet, and considering the millions of cat videos available, thatÂ’s saying something.