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Richard Herring November 2014

Hi all
Hope you're as excited about Bonfire night as I am. Not at all excited. To be honest I am still mainly concerned with getting all this year's cumpkin out of my hair. Though can't wait to see what Ian Gunpowder gets up to this year.
Here is the stuff that you can ingest through your ears and eyes for free and for money this month.

Can't be bothered to read all this?
Here's the highlights

Now we've got rid of those short attention span cheese-helmets, let's have a more leisurely stroll through what's coming up.

Lord of the Dance Settee
The tour has been fun so far, thanks to those of you who have come along. The bulk of the gigs are taking place in 2015 and you can see all the details and dates here -
There are a few more dates in 2014 which are
November 19th (International Men's Day) Falmouth - (this is an hour's headline set, not the full show)

November 30th Cheltenham -

December 1st-6th Leicester Square Theatre, London.

Loads of tickets to sell in London and really need to do well here if the tour is going to be a success and I am going to be able to do any more, so spread the word about these dates to all your London pals.

The sixth series of the award winning podcast is up and running, with podcasts from Katherine Ryan, Mark Gatiss, Brendon Burns and James Acaster already up here - (see link on that page to subscribe to iTunes)
but also on video at iTunes -
vimeo -
or SUBSCRIBE to my new youtube channel (which also has RHMOL on it and which I might put up some other dumbass vids) -

This week the podcast with Steve Coogan will go up and recorded and still to come are Sara Pascoe (one of my favourite ones ever), Sarah Millican Rebecca Front, Andy Zaltzman, Josh Widdecombe, Richard Osman and Michael Legge. These go up weekly on Wednesdays.
And there's still a chance to come along and see the show recorded
November 10th Victoria Coren Mitchell and Milton Jones (selling fast)
November 17th Sue Perkins and TBC
November 24th Stewart Lee and the TMWRNJ crew (this one is sold out and also may not appear online as it's for a TMWRNJ DVD extra)
Buy your tickets here -

If you like all the free internet content and would like to pay for more then please head to and make a one-off or preferably monthly payment for whatever you think all this crap is worth.
If you make a monthly payment you get all kinds of VIP benefits:
1) access to an exclusive secret channel with behind the scenes extras from RHLSTP (including bonus chats with all the guests) and RHMOL
2) entry into a monthly draw to win exclusive Richard Herring based prizes and more.
3) Ticket offers and advance notice of likely to sell out RHLSTP guests
4) a badge
5) All your money will be put towards funding internet projects, like the video RHLSTPs and if we can get enough of you on board a monthly video AIOTM. I'd love to be able to do even more ambitious projects and even help fund other acts who I think deserve to be able to make their TV ideas. If everyone who listened to RHLSTP gave a pound a month we could do some amazing stuff. Currently about 1% of the people who listen to RHLSTP are subscribing.

October's monthly draw winner was Nicholas Tarr from Rochdale who won my original script from Lord of the Dance Settee and a hip flask that I had been sent which promotes the TV show Gotham. Next month's prize will include a Doctor Who 6 disc box set with all the Regenerations on it plus the new Pointless book signed by Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong (perfect Christmas gifts). Every pound you donate per month gives you an entry into the draw.

Four episodes of Meaning of Life are now available for free on my youtube channel (also on vimeo) with free audio available on iTunes and the British Comedy Guide.
You can pay a small amount of money to see or hear episodes with the full length interview and loads more stand up and sketches here -

Apologies in the delay to the release of last year's tour show. It should hopefully be available this month from It's packed with extras and is the perfect Christmas gift for your gran.

I am recording another episode of Pointless Celebrities next week. I don't know when it will be on. I know that at least I can do no worse than I did last time.

Me2 completed the Royal Parks Half Marathon in an unprecedented 1 hr 47 mins and 9 secs. You can still sponsor him and raise money for Scope here -

If you would like signed copies of all my show programmes (apart from menage a un which has now run out and possibly Hercules which if close to running out) and loads of leaflets, plus a complete set of stickers from Lord of the Dance Settee (whilst stocks last) and a signed copy of my Best of "10" DVD, please donate at least £20 (or £15 if you don't want the DVD and please add an extra fiver if you are abroad) at then email me your address to Again all the money from this will go to SCOPE. I can sign these to you or to a friend if you want to give them a bumper Richard Herring based Christmas gift.

Also my wife is in the process of making a tiny human being in her stomach (as I understand it) that apparently has some of my gametes in it or something. This parasite will be removed from her in February when apparently I have some legal obligation to keep it fed and clothed, which seems a bit rich. This will either stem my productivity or force me to work much, much harder. Let's see.
Until next month
Ta for the support and do spread the word about all these things to your pals if you think they might enjoy them
RK Herring
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