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Richard Herring May News

Hello everyone
I've just got back from St Petersburg where I've been researching my new play and drinking vodka (which counts as research, right?) and tonight I am appearing on Pointless Celebrities, so that's pretty much the peak of my career. I am starting to put weight back on too, so I am going to go for a run after this. What have you been up to?
Here's what is coming up in May.


Thanks to all those of you who've come to the tour already. It's been a lot of fun and whizzed by for me. There are only 7 more chances to see the show live (and two of those are sold out) so book now.

Sat 26th April 2014 Milton Keynes Stables Theatre 01908 280 800
Tue 29th April 2014 Shoreham-By-Sea Ropetackle Arts 01273 464440
Sat 3rd May 2014 Machynlleth Comedy Festival
Mon 12th May 2014 The Horn, St Albans SOLD OUT
Tue 20th May 2014 The Comedy Junction, Sutton Coldfield SOLD OUT
Thu 22nd May 2014 Bloomsbury Theatre, London 020 7388 8822
Fri 23rd May 2014 Bloomsbury Theatre, London DVD RECORD 020 7388 8822

We really need to sell as many tickets as possible for the DVD record, so come to the Friday gig at the Bloomsbury if you can - Please spread the word about the show to any friends you think might like it.

There's only one more episode of this show left to record (and write!). It will be on May 18th at 7.30pm at the Leicester Square Theatre and is about the Shape of Things To Come. My interview guest will be Aleks Krotoski- It's only £10 -

There are now two episodes of the show up for free at or as audio on the British Comedy Guide - or iTunes -

Here's the direct links to the videos on Vimeo and Youtube
Episode 1 - CREATION with Marcus Chown. Vimeo Youtube-
Episode 2 - THE PARANORMAL with Richard Wiseman - Vimeo - Youtube -

You can also see and/or hear the full length episodes with more stand-up plus the full interviews with experts by paying a small fee
Get all six episodes (once they're ready) in SD and HD video and audio formats for only £15 or in audio only for just £6
Or buy individual episodes for £3.50 each (or £1.50 for just audio) here -

You can now buy the Meaning of Life theme tune, with music by Christian Reilly on the iTunes store for just 79p. All profits from this will go into the AIOTM fighting fund. Let's get this to #1 in the hit parade folks.
The link I have is, though that isn't working for me. But it's pretty easy to search for it in the iTunes store.

The fifth series is still being released on a weekly basis with Adam Buxton, Jenny Eclair, Helen and Olly, Robert Llewllyn, Alexei Sayle, Greg Davies, Danny Baker, Josie Long and Harry Shearer already up online and Susan Calman, Jon Ronson and Nick Helm still to come.
Listen for free at the British Comedy Guide - or on iTunes -
Or pay to see the video (or just the audio) at
We will be back with more in September. And we're also doing one with Mike Wozniak from Man Down- - at the Machynnleth Festival on May 2nd
This will be available as a free audio download once the rest of series 5 has been released. No video of this one sadly.

The campaign to raise funds for a monthly video version of AIOTM (and hopefully much more) is going well, but we need a few more of you on board if we're going to reach our goal. You can either make a one-off donation in return for a badge (or for no badge if you want all the money to go to making programmes) or even better, a monthly donation of a pound or more. All this money will go towards making new internet content. Every little bit helps, but bigger donations help even more and some of you have been really generous, so thanks for that.
If you think all the free podcasts, blogs and other bits and pieces I give out for nothing are worth a pound (or more) to you and you'd like me to do more, then please consider making a donation here -

Monthly subscribers get some added extras as a thank you for their generosity
You get access to a secret channel of extra bits and bobs, including exclusive backstage chats with the RHLSTP guests.
You get entered into a monthly draw with cool prizes. At the end of April five lucky winners will receive one of the T shirts that I wore in the 5th series of RHLSTP (washed). You get one entry for every pound a month you are donating.
There will be special offers and other extras for monthly subscribers in the months and years to come.
We will start making more AIOTM as soon as we have the funds

I am doing a stand up show and a play in Edinburgh. Tickets will be on sale soon
You can see the latest versions of both posters here -

Here are the details

Stand Up
Lord Of The Dance Settee
Assembly George Sq Theatre
30th Jul-24th Aug

I Killed Rasputin
Assembly George Sq Theatre
31st Jul-24th Aug

There will be opportunities to see the stand up show in preview and I am hoping that the play might get a post-Fringe London run, but no guarantees.

I am on Pointless Celebrities on BBC1 on Saturday 26th April. I can't wait to find out how I got on. I expect I will win. Let's just say that I won. No need to watch it. I am polishing my Pointless trophy right now. Or am I? Only one way to find out. And that's to not watch the show and assume that I am.

I am doing a new weekly show on Fubar Radio with Lou Sanders. It's a subscription based internet station with no censorship. You get an awful lot of content for a small monthly payment. All the details are on their website -

Four of my stand up shows on Netflix's UK service: Christ on a Bike, Hitler Moustache, The Headmaster's Son and What is Love, Anyway? There might be more if these ones prove popular, so tell your Netflix member friends. What is Love, Anyway? is on the US site. Again if lots of people watch it they will probably add more. You can see all of these for free if you sign up for a month and then leave. But don't do that or Ian Netflix's children won't get any dinner next month.

For T-shirts, hoodies and mugs head to
For DVDs and books check out

Read all the columns here -

OK, that's all I've got for you for now. I'd say I've probably taken on a bit much. So thanks very much if you got this far into the email. As a special prize here's a joke I dreamt last night.
Shakira is caught shoplifting and sings,"Underneath my clothes there's an endless story". She is discovered to be hiding the DVD of "The Never Ending Story " in her pants.
I can only apologise for how dated my subconscious' references are and also how bad its jokes are. But this beats most of its efforts in that it at least makes some kind of sense. Hope you enjoyed my dream joke.
All the best
Richard K Herring
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