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Friday 17th September 2021

Got an email from Stephen Gionis of Renault India (according to his email address) saying "Is this email private for us to discuss a $7,000,000 business that will be of mutually beneficial to us. This is not stolen money and there are no dangers involved.”
Lucky I checked my junk mail or I might not have seen thi,
Great news for me, though if it's all above board then why the insistence on a private email and the insistence on the lack of crime and danger. But I could do with $3.5million (depending which country the dollars are from) so I told him that the email was private and gave him the £1000 he needed to get things going and now have to just sit back and wait.
I guess he's a fan of the podcast. This is even better than when I got a pound off my key cutting bill.
Missed my self-imposed deadline to get the second Relativity script finished today. It's half way there. With no RHLSTP record next week I am hoping I can make some faster progress. Exciting isn't it?
No, it isn't.
Catie was off to record a live Drunk Women podcast in London so after I'd got the kids to bed I planned on doing some writing, but instead vegged out in front of the TV and ending up watching an episode and a half of Top of the Pops 1991. Not only does this mean that the BBC is edging towards repeating the two episodes of this show that I presented (still seems impossible to believe), but I had to cope with the fact that 30 years have passed and I was just left feeling sad that all those young people are now old or dead. Not me though. I am still 24.
I didn't remember many of the songs and only half remembered some of the bands and did not wish to be reminded of Colour Me Badd, a surprisingly weird looking boyband. It was the early days of Bryan Adams being at number one telling us that everything he did, he did if for his girlfriend. Even a shit Bryan? Right Said Fred were wowing the nation with the sexiness of their shirt, a song that now sounds like it was recorded on a Casio keyboard and there seemed to be a lot of acts that had a couple of bored looking women, moving slightly out of sync, more or less just standing in the background to provide glamour. Twitter assured me that there was good music in 1991, but aside from a brief snatch of REM, which seemed impossibly sophisticated compared to the Freds and the woman off of Eastenders doing a cover version, there wasn't much on display here to prove it.
But maybe I was just sad that that time in the early 90s, which feels so recent and vivid, is so long ago. Time it was, oh what a time it was. I think I was probably unhappy for most of it, but that's not the point.

Retro RHLSTP with the legendary Doug Anthony All Stars from the Edinburgh Fringe of 2017 (I think). Listen here 

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