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Friday 20th September 2019


Booking RHLSTP is taking up an inordinate amount of my time and my sitcom remains unwritten. But no need to panic just yet. I seem to be slowly confirming guests and the characters from the Snell family are chatting in the back of my mind. Today I signed up to a website where you pay a not insignificant monthly fee to get access to the agents and personal assistants of celebrities. I’ve resisted this before, because I feel I am more likely to make progress if I can get to the potential guest personally. Although I pay way more than most podcasts (because basically no other podcast pays guests) it’s not enough to interest a manager who looks at their 10-20% and realises it isn’t worth the time it will take.
But I’d like to move the show up another level and see if I can get super famous people that I don’t know. So I’m giving this site a trial and today tried to book Michael Parkinson, Ed Sheeran and just for shits and giggles Paul McCartney.
Suffice to say that I didn’t get any bookings, but all three agents replied to me. Macca’s PR guy turned out to be a fan of the podcast and found the proposal “interesting” but Sir Paul had another engagement on the night of the Liverpool gig so was unavailable. 
But imagine if I’d succeeded. There’s a lot I want to talk to that guy about, not least the fact that he’s not the original Paul McCartney, but turned out to be more talented than the first one, which is quite an accolade.
I did manage a couple of bookings, not via the site, though I think it might be worth persisting with. But none of them were in the Beatles or even in Wings, so I will be sulking when I interview them. I’ve announced the guests for  the two sold out Newcastle RHLSTPs on 11th October and Badgers go to you secret member area and you can find out another guest for the Leicester Square Theatre gigs and also one of the guests for Exeter. I hope to confirm more of the tour guests asap, but as you can see, I am aiming high. I wonder if Prince Andrew would be up for it.

After a blistering start the RHLSTP Kickstarter has stalled a bit and I think for the first time (outside of me trying to raise a million pounds to play snooker against myself) this one might not make the target. If you think the 70+ podcasts that will be released in 2019 are worth 14p each then please chuck in a fiver. Or pay more to get the amazing Trump card game or T-shirts. We will have to stop filming the shows if we don’t hit the target. Chuck us some cash if you haven't before.

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