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Friday 19th July 2019


House of Games Champion of Champions today and was I pushing my luck too far to take part in another edition of the only TV quiz show that I’ve ever won? Against three other people who’ve already won it? 
Perhaps. But never mind the result. I love this show and I love spending time with Richard Osman (except when I am losing on Pointless, so that’s about 80% of the time I’m with him). He seems to manages to surround himself with efficient, happy and likeable people. The crew and my fellow contestants were all a delight to spend time with and everyone involved rightly loves this show. 
It’s an exhausting day’s work (sorry, week’s work) and tiredness threw up some ridiculous and flawed answers from myself, one of which had Richard laughing in my face and me not realising what I’d done wrong. 
But look, it’s the taking part that counts and trying your best and I have to say my keenness to have a crack at the final round regardless of whether I knew the answer did a lot to set me back. But I couldn’t resist. 
My fellow contestants were brainbox historian Kate Williams, the eternally youthful and hilarious June Sarpong and wise fool Dane Baptiste and it was a lot of fun to hang out with them for the day (I mean week - it can’t be the same day as we wear different clothes in each show). Also it’s now next Friday,
I can’t say too much beyond the fact that it was a fascinating tussle right to the end and it could have gone (almost) any way.
Did I win a gold trophy to add to my solitary silver House of Games trophy?
I choose not to remember so that the gaffes and wrong answers can be a surprise to me when I tune in, probably at some point before Christmas.

Back to the airport, where I am writing this and another Easyjet delay. Sadly the lounge I have got into this time does not have waiter service or hot food, just some crisps, chunks of tablet (local delicacy) and ham sandwiches. But at least the food is here and available to eat. All the other contestants and Richard are flying home today too, but they are going on the BA flight to Heathrow and I am on the Easyjet to horrible Luton airport and so they’re living it up in the (I imagine) much fancier lounge whilst I eat tablet on my own. I’d have a drink but this is the 199th night without drink and it’d be a shame to ruin it now.
The others might be living it up and partying together whilst I am Billy-no-Mates but which lounge is the real winner in right now?
Statistically speaking it’s likely to be the other one, let’s face it. 
And everyone knows that the Champions’ Champions’ Champion is Osman himself. A safe and giant pair of hands who is professional to the last. It’s almost like you get on telly because you’re good at what you do,
Never mind about the inferior lounge access. I am the luckiest man in the world to get lounge access of any kind - Also tablet is lovely and not made of chocolate so I can eat it. Oh God, it’s probably made out of whisky though- and even more so to be paid to dick around and play games with sweet and witty people. 
I’m not even drunk.
But I am very tired. 
Hope my plane turns up.
My guest spot on the brilliant No Such Thing As A Fish podcast is now out. Listen here. 
Had so much fun doing this and the team are my guests on RHLSTP next Wednesday

There’s also a bonus audio only RHLSTP with Rob Rouse out today. Check it out here 

More Edinburgh guests being added all the time. Fern Brady will be my guest on 18th August. See all confirmed guests and tour dates here.

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