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Thursday 18th April 2019


Not having drunk any alcohol for 108 days is pretty impressive, but what I am really impressed about myself is that I haven’t eaten any chocolate in that time either. Easter and its build up are always pretty tough to get through without succumbing to stuffing my face with beautiful Easter egg chocolate, so I’ve done well to visit supermarkets since last November when the Easter eggs appeared (am I right, folks? No. I am factually inaccurate). With Easter egg hunts planned for tomorrow it’s going to be a difficult time for the recovering chocoholic, but I also know that if I even let one piece of that delicious disgusting nectar into my mouth I will then eat all the chocolate in Hertfordshire. I am pretty sure that most of my weight loss is down to the absence of chocolate and not that much to kicking booze.
Today though I did buy some chocolate eggs, but for the kids. And then I took a good 10 minutes trying to chose something for my wife. And weirdly it didn’t get me salivating or thinking of that wonderful oval bit in the egg where the chocolate is a bit thicker, presumably because that’s where the liquid chocolate enters the mould.
I genuinely didn’t, but I am thinking about it now.
I not only struggled to think of which egg my wife might like, I also didn’t feel any compunction to give up my choc-fast. If anything I was a little disgusted by them all and that might be why couldn’t choose. Might I have made a lifelong change here, or next Easter will I be naked in this supermarket aisle, naked and rolling around in the chocolate sick pool that I have made after eating all the eggs in front of me?
We shall see.

It’s an exciting Kickstarter campaign for RHLSTP. We’re about exactly halfway through time wise and today we hit the halfway point to the total. But remember we don’t get anything unless we hit the target. Keeps it exciting. For you. It’s squeaky bum time for the Sky Potato team, but we live for this kind of jeopardy. 
You can as always track the progress via this site, which shows a remarkably consistent effort so far (usually there’s a bit of a dip after the first week). As long as we get close then we can hopefully count on people to push it over the line at the end. The clever thing about a kickstarter is the prospect of getting nothing does seem to make people more likely to give at the end. It’d be a shame if all your efforts came to nothing. But at least I wouldn’t have to do 25 more snooker podcasts this year, so it wouldn’t be all bad news for me.
All the money from the kickstarter will pay for the expenses of filming the episodes that we’ve filmed already this year (and with a bit of luck the remaining ones we’re going to do before the Fringe (where eps will be audio only). But I am keen to raise more money for our Sky Potato Production team so we can make you even more content and explore some new ideas. And we still have to film the remaining shows this year and pay for them (assuming we make the money for the ones we’ve done). Hopefully the revenue from the adverts on the audio version will help this, but I’ve also decided that from now on any money raised from my Bulb referral code will also go into the podcast company. I have got enough personally to keep me and my family heated for a good few years, so it seems fair enough that we use that money to fund more projects. So now you can not only get renewable energy, probably cheaper than your current provider, plus a £50 credit in your account - the £50 that you’ll be sending to me will go to making you more podcasts. You’re paying for entertainment whilst saving money and being paid yourself. That’s the kind of insanity I like and Bulb are a really impressive company who I’d be recommending regardless. So if you’re interested in taking advantage of this offer then switch today using this link.

All info on Edinburgh and upcoming guests for RHLSTP and more is in a bonus April newsletter 

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Use my code to change your energy provider to Bulb using this link and get a £50 credit on your account, probably cheaper bills, no contract (they will buy you out of yours too), great customer service, plus they use renewable energy. I get £50 too, which gets put in the pot to make even more podcasts!