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Sunday 13th July 2014


OK, I think I've done it. I worked through a few more cuts and rewrote the last few pages of the script and I think I am happy with it. Now it's all down to the actors and director. And then the public and the reviewers.

To celebrate the end, it was Me1's turn to attempt the 6.75mile run down to the river. It was a pretty hot late afternoon and he was off-pace for his personal best, but he didn't give up and willed himself to keep running and managed to beat Me2's time from last week by about 30 seconds. Me2 argued that he had been held up by traffic for about 90 seconds during his run, but that's all part of the challenge. Me1 does seem more mentally up to this task, though it's an odd coincidence that both runners have lost form this month. You'd think the personal training sessions would have improved their performance. Though I have to say their stamina is definitely better. Although they aren't going as quickly, neither runner was very tired at the end of their runs and could easily have carried on. So maybe that's a more realistic half marathon pace. And it would lead to a sub-2hour 13 miler. As it stands Me1 will be doing the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October, but there's still time for Me2 to try and justify his place.

A much better preview tonight at the Pleasance. I was up against the World Cup, but still managed to get an audience somehow. There is some work to be done, but two weeks to do it in. And like Me1 I seem to have the stamina to continue. Just two weeks remaining of my Abs Challenge. I do not yet have any Abs. I can't see another fortnight making too much difference. And I've hit another plateau on the weight loss (though my slight weight gain may be down to being more muscular). I am pretty much keeping up with eating a kilo of vegetables a day (didn't have very much vegetation on my birthday and my body seemed pleased with me for rectifying that today - even my oat groat and stir fry breakfast seemed rather delicious). I have also started taking five supplement pills that my nutritionist asked me to get. Not sure about these really. But they have given me permanent berocca wee and that's enough of an achievement for me in the short term.

If you haven't yet seen the Meaning of Life episode about love, then here's a little taster, with the Ferrero Rocher routine, animated by the brilliant Chay Hawes. You can find free versions of the first three episodes here (three more to come). If you prefer Youtube then you can find them all here. Or 90 minute versions on audio and/or video (or the chance to just make a small cash donation to keep this and other projects afloat) here.


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