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Tuesday 1st July 2014


My July weigh-in puts me at an impressive 82.6kg, down 1.8kg on the month and 12.8kg since January 1st. The stress of writing this week has meant I've done more snacking and less exercising, so it could have been better. But I am still very pleased with that. I am now lighter than I was at my best 6 years ago. The vegetables and the throwing medicine balls from above my head to the floor seem to be working.

A half day of rehearsing today and for a wonderful few minutes I thought we had the whole play cast, but then I got word that one of the actors had dropped out of the project.  This was a bit of a blow at this late stage, but we now have everyone else and we should be able to find someone else pretty quickly. It's just one of those things that can happen on a complicated Edinburgh show like this. We're not yet at Terry Gilliam style levels of disaster, but this might be the first blow. Rasputin might be haunting us from beyond the grave, which seems a bit rich as the play is very positive towards him. Maybe he wants to be the bad guy.

Typically just as the ideas started flowing I had to jump in the car and head to Walthamstow for a preview. But after I'd got home I did another couple of hours of writing, really pushing to get a complete script in time for tomorrow's first full rehearsal and meet up with the technical crew and publicity team. These 19 hour days are taking their toll. No time to stop, not too much time to sleep and still the gaps in the script gape and laugh at me. There's no time to play snooker against myself, no time for audio Warming Up and almost no time for Warming Up at all. Certainly nothing funny is happening, or it is is I am too tired to notice it.

5/6ths of the cast and 4/5ths of a script. And still about a month until the first night. I wish I could jaunt forward in time until then. And in a way I am going to. Just very slowly.

Well done to Ciaran Mallon who won this month's monthly donator prize draw, picking up my Morpheus in the Underworld mutan Morph all because he donated a pound or more a month here. Join in for your chance to win next month and much, much more.

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